A woman who many suspect was a Chinese spy was found guilty of lying to the Secret Service in order to obtain access to President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort while it was closed to the public.

“Yujing Zhang represented herself at trial and claimed during opening statements she did nothing wrong,” CBS12 said. “The jury deliberated all morning and into early afternoon Wednesday, finding Zhang guilty as charged. Zhang appeared to show no emotion as the verdict was announced.”

Zhang is billed as a Chinese businesswoman, and though she was not officially charged as a spy, there is reason to believe that she is one. Some elements of her trial were ordered sealed to protect national security interests.

In March, she showed up to Mar-a-Lago claiming that she was there to attend a United Nations Friendship Event. But that event had been cancelled, and prosecutors said she knew that it had been cancelled. She was also in possession of “a number of cell phones, USB drives, a thumb drive believed to be full of malware, and a signal detector to check for hidden cameras,” upon her entry to the property.

She was detained by the Secret Service, and later arrested. She faces up to six years in prison after her conviction for unlawful entry of restricted buildings and making false statements.

Mar-a-Lago is of particular interest because Trump spends a fair bit of time there, especially in the winter. It has been dubbed the “Winter White House” by some in the media.

One of the jurors, Nibaldo Padillo, spoke to the news station about the trial.

“I feel towards her, for being an immigrant but she did break the law unfortunately,” he said. “She knew, you know, that there was no event based on the evidence that was presented with her cell phone.”

For years – possibly decades – China has been the number one strategic threat to the United States worldwide, but seemingly flew under the radar as its economy exploded in the internet age. Meanwhile, our politicians focused on toiling in the Middle East, toppling dictatorships. Only when Trump arrived on the scene did the China problem begin to be addressed.

After racking up a massive trade deficit with the Asian superpower, Trump used tariffs to put the screws to the Chinese economy while the American economy has soared. In fact, Trump announced this morning that China will be purchasing agricultural products from the United States.

“It is expected that China will be buying large amounts of our agricultural products!” he said.

“Soybeans and pork are all within the scope of inquiry,” said Gao Feng of China’s Ministry of Commerce, according to The New York Times. “I hope that China and the United States will move in the same direction and create favorable conditions for consultations.”

Another major focus of the Trump administration is curbing China’s intellectual property theft. China stands accused of stealing untold billions of dollars worth of American intellectual property.

“The details of the trade agreement the United States is discussing with China are tightly held,” according to The Times. “But they have revolved around China strengthening its protections for American intellectual property, opening up its markets to competition from American firms and making large purchases of American products, like natural gas and soybeans.”