Socialist presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, an Irishman who pretends to be a middle-class Hispanic man but whose daddy-in-law is actually a billionaire, is officially the tyrant the Founding Fathers warned you about.

On Thursday, O’Rourke said that it’s time for banks and credit card companies to stop doing business with gun purchasers, the gun manufacturing industry, and those who are even tangentially supportive of the Second Amendment.

“Credit cards have enabled many of America’s mass shootings in the last decade—and with Washington unwilling to act, they need to cut off the sales of weapons of war today,” he said on Twitter.

Just to be clear, O’Rourke wants to deny credit card usage to those who believe in the Second Amendment. But it’s deeper than that.

“Banks and credit card companies must: 1) Refuse to take part in the sale of assault weapons. 2) Stop processing transactions for gun sales online & at gun shows without background checks. 3) Stop doing business with gun & ammo manufacturers who produce or sell assault weapons,” he said.

He wants to head off gun sales at the pass, and stop gun manufacturers from being able to do business in the first place. Remember – these are the same people who have insisted for decades that they weren’t trying to take your guns away. In a period of a few short years, that sentiment has been replaced with “mandatory buybacks” (read: gun confiscation) and an effort to put the entire gun industry out of business.

“If enough of us make our voices heard now, we will force banks and credit card companies to act. Add your name to this petition we’re sending Visa, Mastercard, and the big banks:” he said, finishing his anti-gun rant.

There are so many reasons why O’Rourke is foolish for this proposal, not the least of which being that “assault weapons” is a made up term designed to scare people. Fully automatic rifles are already illegal in America. Further, banning what the left calls “assault weapons,” meaning AR-15s and similar semi-automatic rifles would drop the murder rate by less than one percent. The vast majority of annual murders in America are committed using handguns in inner cities with strict gun control policies. Those policies don’t work because criminals don’t follow laws – by definition.

In fact, more people are killed annually with hammers and clubs in the United States than are killed with rifles of any kind, according to recent Federal Bureau of Investigations statistics.


But aside from those facts and logic – all of which is apparently lost on the political left – the largest flaw in O’Rourke’s plan is the slippery slope that it would create. First, banks would target mostly conservatives for owning guns. What happens in the banking industry after that? What’s the next taboo conservative item or thought or idea that will cause banks and credit card companies to stop doing business with conservatives? Is Visa going to deny me a credit card based on the way I vote? Or what about based on opinions I share on social media? How far down the totalitarian rabbit hole are we going to go?

We already have that answer, because major banks and credit card processors are already targeting Republicans and Trump supporters.

Chase Bank canceled the accounts of conservative journalists Laura Loomer, Joe Biggs, Martina Markota and conservative activist Enrique Tarrio, in the space of just a few weeks this past January and February.

After joining forces with left-wing organizations that have a history of targeting conservatives, including Now This and Southern Poverty Law Center, Chase canceled Tarrio’s account. At the time, Tarrio, a Cuban American and chairman of the Proud Boys, was selling “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” t-shirts on his website.

JPMorgan Chase has contributed over $1 Million to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical left-wing organization whose stated mission is to “destroy” its political enemies on the right, spends its time working to sabotage conservatives, falsely accusing conservatives of white supremacy and putting them on “hate lists.”


PayPal,which is arguably the most popular online Payment processor, also banned Loomer and various other Republicans for their pro-Trump views.

Loomer has also been banned from Venmo and GoFundMe.

If O’Rourke’s plan is successful, the banking industry will soon mirror the Big Tech industry, which started by banning those conservatives whom it said were “dangerous” or “radical”. Today, Facebook censored the conservative Prime Minister of Israel – the leader of an entire nation – for breaking one of its dubious rules.

O’Rourke is playing with fire, and perhaps ironically, proving why Americans need the Second Amendment to begin with.