–Adam Conner, Vice President of Center For American Progress founded Facebook’s Washington DC office in 2007 and BANNED Facebook Accounts At Hunter Biden’s Request While Working For Facebook

— Adam Conner went on to work for John Podesta and Barack Obama

It has been two months since Hunter Biden’s emails were leaked to the public, exposing his father’s shady ties to influence peddling in the Ukraine during his time as Vice President.

While the mainstream media chose to ignore the emails which directly compromised Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for President, the emails still need to be thoroughly examined as they provide evidence to another growing threat in our nation: Big Tech election interference through political censorship.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, it became increasingly evident that Big Tech was purging accounts on Facebook and Twitter that were critical of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and accounts that expressed support for President Trump. The censorship became too big to ignore when both Twitter and Facebook locked the account of the New York Post and limited their ability to share and post news stories after the New York Post published a bombshell report detailing some of Hunter Biden’s emails that were provided to them by Rudy Guiliani, President Trump’s attorney. The emails proved that Hunter Biden introduced his father to a top Ukranian energy firm executive while he was Vice President, which means Joe Biden used his influence as Obama’s Vice President to enrich his family through lucrative business deals with foreign nations like Ukraine and China, compromising the integrity of the Vice Presidency, as well as US national security.

Facebook went as far as “fact checking” Hunter’s emails and banned accounts that posted the emails or the New York Post story, automatically labeling all Hunter Biden stories and emails as “Russian disinformation”.

In a statement, Facebook’s Policy Communication’s Director Andy Stone said,

“While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want to be clear that this story is eligible to be fact-checked by Facebook’s third-party fact-checking partners. This is part our standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. We temporarily reduce distribution pending fact-checker review.”

Andy Stone, Facebook’s Policy Communication’s Director

What Andy Stone didn’t reveal in his statement is that his decision-making policies are directly influenced by his political agenda. Before working for Facebook, Andy Stone worked for the Democrat’s House Majority PAC as well at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is a clear conflict of interest during an election year.

Facebook and their executives made the pre-emptive decision to label the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden story as factually incorrect and limited the publishing ability of the New York Post’s account before they even “fact checked” the already factually correct article.

In a trove of Hunter’s emails that date back to 2010, while Joe Biden was still Vice President of the United States of America, Hunter Biden emailed back in forth with Chris Kelly who served as Chief Privacy Officer, first General Counsel, and Head of Global Public Policy at Facebook. In the emails, Hunter expressed his desire to meet with Chris so that Beau Biden, who is now dead, could get millions of dollars from “Silicon Valley Dems” for a project he was working on regarding online predators.

In an email dated April 3, 2012, Chris Kelly wrote:

“Hey Hunter, I’m coming to do a small event with your dad next Tuesday—in on red eye, out late afternoon. Will have a little time before and after and would love to catch up if you’re around.”

Facebook and Twitter claimed that they were limiting the distribution of the New York Post story to “combat disinformation”, but emails between Hunter Biden and Facebook executives reveal an intimate, decade long relationship between Facebook and the Biden family. Not only do Hunter Biden’s emails prove that he took meetings with Facebook executives and other Silicon Valley executives while his father was Vice President, but they prove that Joe Biden allowed his sons to capitalize and enrich themselves off of his official White House related meetings with Facebook, which is illegal.

In one of Hunter Biden’s emails from 2010, he emailed Arlene Busch, one of his company partners at his company Rosemont Seneca, and ccd his company President Eric Schwerin.

In the email dated October 21, 2010, Hunter said,

“I brought Chris Kelly to lunch. We can talk in more detail tomorrow about the meeting, but just to be clear– Chris is worth about $350 MILLION. He remains Mark Zuckerberg’s closest adviser and was the first person outside of programers Facebook hired.

He is more tied to Silicon Valley money than anyone I know and is looking for places to put his money. H just spent $10 MILLION of his own money on race for AG in Dem primary without blinking.”

These Hunter Biden emails prove that while Joe Biden was serving as Obama’s VP, Hunter Biden, over a time span of several years, orchestrated his meetings with Facebook executives around his father’s White House meetings with the same Facebook executives for the sake of profiting off of Chris Kelly’s wealth and Silicon Valley connections.

When Facebook and Twitter censored the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden, both Facebook and Twitter denied their censorship was motivated by politics. However, these emails from over ten years ago prove that the executives at Facebook have personal and financial ties to the Biden family, specifically Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, who both benefited from Facebook and Twitter’s political censorship.

For Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, he doesn’t see anything wrong with suppressing and conducting erroneous “fact checks” on stories that pertain to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, because colluding with the Biden family for the sake of political goals has been a documented business practice at Facebook for over a decade! 

In fact, the relationship between Facebook and Hunter Biden is so entrenched that Biden himself has had accounts banned at his own personal request to Facebook executives like Adam Conner and Chris Kelly who to this day still publicly advise Facebook. Hunter Biden said in his own words that Chris Kelly was “Mark Zuckerberg’s closest advisor”.

In an email between Hunter Biden and Adam Connor from October 22, 2010 when Joe Biden was still Vice President, Adam Connor said,

“Hi Mr. Biden, Chris Kelly forwarded me your message about a Facebook profile that you’re trying to get shut down?”

To which Hunter Biden replied:

“Thanks Adam—I will get info to you ASAP.”

Adam replied, saying, “Thank you”.

Two days later on October 24, 2010, Adam Conner emailed Hunter Biden again, saying,

“Mr. Biden,

We have removed the fake profile. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Adam Connor

Facebook DC”

Facebook Bans account at request of Hunter Biden

If Hunter Biden was able to get an ordinary person with a different name banned from Facebook with one polite email chain to the founder of Facebook’s Washington office with an accusation of the account “being fake”, then it proves how easy it is for Democrats to get their political opponents and detractors banned.

What good are Terms and Services if they can be completely disregarded through political influence peddling between politicians and Big Tech executives?

This is arguably an illegal in kind contribution by Big Tech to the Democrat Party.

Adam Conner is currently the Vice President for Technology Policy at the Center for American Progress, arguably the leading progressive think tanks in America. Center for American Progress was founded by John Podesta, who served as a Counselor to President Barack Obama from 2014-2015 as well as the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign against Donald J. Trump. Prior to working for the Center for American Progress, Conner founded Facebook’s Washington DC office where he “spent seven years on the Facebook Privacy and Public Policy team, where he created the company’s government and political outreach efforts and directed the company’s election efforts,” according to his bio on the Center for American Progress’s website.

Given that the New York Post had their account censored and limited by Facebook, it begs the question, did Hunter Biden request for Facebook and Twitter to ban and censor the New York Post expose the same way Hunter asked Facebook to ban an account ten years ago? It is clear, and Hunter’s emails prove that the channels for this to happen exist, and that is what matters. It is not a conspiracy if it happened and you have proof in the form of emails.

At the slightest, an investigation is warranted. 

Accounts are not supposed to be banned without going through proper company procedures. But as these emails prove, Facebook will ban accounts, and has banned other people’s accounts at the request of Hunter Biden and his family members.

One of the people directly tied to Hunter Biden’s Burisma Energy scandal is Eric Schwerin, the President of Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca.

In the emails between Hunter Biden and Facebook’s Chris Kelley, Schwerin served as the conduit for setting up the meetings between the Biden family and Facebook, and often inquired about potential Silicon Valley investors. The emails also reveal he wrote many of Hunter Biden’s emails for him and had the authority to send emails out under Hunter’s name.

In one of the Hunter Biden emails dated August 7, 2012, Schwerin wrote to Beau and Hunter Biden:

“Does it make sense to reach out to Chris Kelly (maybe in an email from Hunter) and ask him to suggest a  number of Silicon Valley Dem Types that we should invite to Beau’s party? I am sure he would encourage them to come and giving him some ownership of that group might not be a bad idea.

“Any complications vis a vis Kamala Harris and Chris? I assume they are all good?”

Hunter Biden replied to this email saying, “Very good idea”.

Schwerin replied, saying, : 

“Great. I’ll draft an email and send it from Hunter. Hunter, if you want to see it first, let me know. Otherwise, we’ll send it off tomorrow.”

As one of the original executives and the First General Counsel at Facebook, Chris Kelly helped Facebook establish a wide web of political connections and relationships with high profile Democrats, and the Obama administration. When the federal government announced anti-trust investigations into Facebook in 2019, Kelly, who is also a shareholder in Facebook, argued in support of Facebook and against breaking up Big Tech.

This email from over 8 years ago proves how far back the established and entrenched relationships are between Joe Biden, his family, Big Tech, and Kamala Harris. It also explains why nothing has been done in Washington to address Big Tech’s interference with our elections. These Hunter Biden emails prove that Facebook is employing the same lobbyists who work for the most powerful Democrats in America.

Eric Schwerin, President of Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSP)

Roughly a decade ago, as is stated in the Hunter Biden emails, Hunter Biden and his company President Eric Schwerin were working with Kelly to raise money with Kamala Harris, who is now set to be the new Vice President of the United States.

The emails prove that Facebook executives not only had a relationship with the Biden family prior to the 2020 election, but also with Kamala Harris through Chris Kelly.

There is no denying after reviewing these emails that Facebook’s censorship of all Joe Biden and Hunter Biden scandal stories are politically motivated out of an alliance with the Democrat Party.  

It’s always been an open secret that Big tech does the bidding for the Democrat Party, and it’s always been suspected that Big Tech intentionally censors conservatives to cover for Democrat politicians. These emails are now solid proof, especially given the fact that Mark Zuckerberg recently testified to Congress where he said the censoring of the Hunter Biden emails was not politically motivated.

The very act of censoring the New York Post story was politically motivated because Facebook is directly implicated in the Hunter Biden Burisma scandal given that David Wade, who was a registered Facebook lobbyist  until 2020, worked with Hunter Biden and Schwerin through his company Greenlight Strategies giving PR advice to Rosemont Seneca. 

There are numerous emails between Schwerin and Kelly, and Schwerin and Wade. Recently Schwerin came under fire when it was revealed that Schwerin told Hunter Biden that over $400,000 in payments from Burisma were not disclosed in his taxes. It should be of no surprise that Hunter Biden’ taxes are now under federal investigation.

It is worth noting that along with lobbying for Facebook, David Wade also served as John Kerry’s chief of staff from 2013 to 2015, as well as the National Press Secretary for the Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008 under Obama for America. That means that David Wade worked for Joe Biden as his Press Secretary on the Obama campaign given that Joe Biden served as Obama’s VP.

John Kerry is expected to serve in the Biden-Harris Administration.

In one of the Hunter Biden emails dated May 13, 2014, while Wade was still serving as John Kerry’s chief of staff under the Obama-Biden administration, Schwerin emailed Hunter saying,

“FYI, at David Wade’s urging I spoke to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) on background tonight. They were about to run with a story that said Rosemont Seneca had invested in Burisma. Told them that was not the case. Didn’t say much else. Not sure what else they were going with but they were apparently asking questions about ownership as well. Probably gong to run tonight. Didn’t seem too concerning to me.”

You can call it a game of political leap frog. David Wade moved from working for Joe Biden during Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, to John Kerry at the US State Department during the Obama Administration, to Hunter Biden at Burisma, and then with Facebook as a lobbyist during the 2020 election. It’s worth noting that the Senate probe found that John Kerry falsely claimed that he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma. These exclusive emails further prove that John Kerry lied, because his Chief of Staff was literally advising Hunter Biden’s company about PR related to Rosemont Seneca and Burisma while he was still actively working for John Kerry.

What does this mean for Facebook?

It means that in the middle of a Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Facebook employed a lobbyist who had intimate knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Burisma, a lobbyist who provided paid PR services to Hunter Biden pertaining to Burisma, and yet they still chose to censor the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma. Facebook is completely politically bias to be “fact checking” a story about Hunter Biden while employing a lobbyist who worked for Hunter Biden before working for Facebook!

It is the most clear cut example of politically motivated censorship, and proof that Mark Zuckerberg lied to the Senate on November 17, 2020 when he was asked to testify along with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey following the censorship of the New York Post story.  During his opening remarks, Zuckerberg said,

 “We are well overdue for an overhaul of the internet’s rules of the road. For any system to work, I believe there needs to be a transparent process that people feel they can trust. This will be difficult, especially since our country is so divided, but I believe it’s the only way to address these issues for the long term.”

Zuckerberg clearly doesn’t believe his own remarks about “more transparency”, because if he did, Facebook would have recognized the clear conflict of interest in paying a lobbyist who worked for Hunter Biden, advising him on how to deal with the media’s scrutiny over his ties to Burisma, while also “fact checking” and banning investigative reports about Hunter Biden and Burisma.

When it comes to transparency, the people a company chooses to employ is crucial given that the employees of a company are an extension of the company itself. When Facebook and Twitter choose to employ Democrat operatives from Democrat administrations and lobbyists who work for the family members of prominent Democrats, Facebook and Twitter are inherently embracing a partisanship. The Hunter Biden emails prove that Facebook is unable and unwilling to admit to their partisanship, and is gladly willing to let their employee’s political views dictate who gets access to Facebook. 

If the Hunter Biden emails prove anything, it’s the fact that Democrats and their family members actually do have the power to get people banned from Facebook and Twitter with one little email or phone call to a Big Tech executive or lobbyist. The idea that big tech colluded with the Democrat Party to steal the election through social media censorship isn’t a conspiracy when the proof is right in front of your eyes in the form of emails Hunter Biden wrote himself!

I would post this damning expose on Facebook and Twitter, but I have been BANNED for my investigative reporting, which exposed corrupt Democrats.