In the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election, China hasn’t wasted anytime bragging to world about how a Biden Presidency would give China unfettered access to the highest levels of American government and politics. Throughout the 2020 campaign trail, it became painfully obvious how the mainstream media and Big Tech worked together to defend the Biden family and the Biden campaign from accusations that Joe Biden was politically compromised due to his son Hunter’s business deals and investments with China. Combined media blackouts and weapponized censorship campaigns ensured that the American public would not have access to news reports surrounding the Biden family’s entrenched ties with the Chinese Communist Party. But the average American voter only needs to look at the Joe Biden for President logo to understand how accurate Donald Trump was when he said, “If Joe Biden wins, China will own us”.

A quick look at Joe Biden’s logo shows simple blue text and three red stripes for the E in Biden’s name. At first glance, the logo appears to incorporate elements of red, white, and blue as all patriotic Amerian logos should, but the logo and red stripes in particular are the farthest thing from patriotic. The three red stripes in his logo have been lifted from General Line of the Chinese socialist Great Leap Forward movement. Under this political movement in the 1950s, the Chinese communist government called on the Chinese People to “go all out, aim high, and build socialism greater, faster, and better.” Along with the three red lines in Biden’s logo, his campaign website slogan is “Build back better”. Not only did he co-opt the three red banners from the Chinese Communist Party, but he made a slogan out of the failed 1950’s Chinese “Great Leap Forward Three Red Banners Movement” under Chinese Communist Party Chairman  Mao Zedong.

Three Red Banners

During the Great Leap Forward, the Chinese people were encouraged to form communes and all private property was seized in an effort to promote socialism and transform China from an agrarian economy into a communist country. Anyone who disagreed with Mao’s policies was called a “Rightist” and feared for their life. Those who didn’t comply with Mao’s policies were subjected to forced labor and social pressures. Families experienced what was called “progressive taxation” on their harvests, food was rationed, and mandatory purchases were established through trade agreements with the Soviet Union to ensure that people were not consuming more than they needed. The socialist policies promoted during this program resulted in economic disaster, starvation, and famine, which killed over 33 million people during the Great Chinese Famine, the largest famine in world history.

Under Mao’s Three Red Banner movement, the Chinese Communist Party banned all religious institutions and services and replaced them with political meetings where Communist propaganda was taught. Additionally, in 1956, the Chinese Communist Party created the hukou, a system for registering households so that individuals could prove they were residents of a particular commune and which family they belonged to

A lot of similarities can be drawn to the economic policies that Joe Biden is currently promoting and the positions he has advocated for during the time of Coronavirus. Joe Biden’s modern day 2020 “three red banner” movement promises to “build back better” the American economy in a similar fashion to Mao. By exploiting China virus lockdowns and unconstitutional mandates, Biden and the Democrat Party are helping to eliminate private property by destroying small businesses and forcing people to rely on government assistance through socialist inspired Universal Basic Income (UBI) policies in the form of never ending stimulus checks. China’a Hukou sounds awfully similar to the mandatory vaccine cards and COVID tests that the Democrats and corporate America have been advocating for. Just as the Hukou was required for travel, compulsory vaccinations are now being listed as pre-requisites by airlines across the world, including Quanta’s Airlines, which said all passengers who wish to fly are required to show proof they have taken the COVID vaccine.

Mao’s Three red banner movement prioritized prohibiting Private farming, and people who participated in private farming and private enterprise were persecuted and branded as “right-wing counter revolutionaries”. Similarly today, people across America who have opposed draconian restrictions, lockdowns, quarantines, and mandates from Democrat politicians have been arrested, jailed, demonized, fined, and called right-wing radicals. Censorship is a key tactic of the Chinese Communist Party, which is why it’s not surprising that any and all criticism of Joe Biden and his ties to China during the campaign, as well as any criticism of COVID lockdowns were and still are heavily censored, banned, and labeled as “right-wing conspiracy theories”.

In America, people who simply want to work and make a living are being demonized and told to stay home and collect unemployment instead. Under the People’s Republic of China during Mao’s control, landlords and property owners had their holdings forcibly redistributed to the poor. A parallel can be drawn to social justice Democrats including AOC and Ilhan Omar, who introduced legislation to cancel all rent and mortgage payments during COVID-19, which would make it impossible for landlords to be paid for the use of their private property.

Just as the Great Chinese Famine was one of the biggest consequences of the Three Red Banner movement, increased levels of poverty here in the United States are to be expected and are already cumulating as a result of Democrat led Coronavirus lockdowns. Along with poverty, the rates of suicide, alcoholism, and drug addiction have increased across the nation as people are feeling incredibly desperate during these hard economic times.

One of the more disturbing parallel’s between Mao’s Red Banner Movement and Joe Biden and the Democrat Party is the closing of all religious institutions while allowing for propaganda meetings. In Democrat led states and cities across the country like California and New York, Governors and mayors have threatened to close the synagogues and have jailed pastors for holding religious services, accusing them of spreading COVID-19. However, at the same time, these Democrat leaders have allowed for massive riots and protests with Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and pro-Biden supporters that often turned violent, resulting in over one billion dollars of property damage nation wide.

Can Joe Biden Deal With China?
Joe Biden with Xi JinPing, President of People’s Republic of China

It is clear through Joe Biden’s logo, his actions, and his policies that the Democrat Party is now the Communist Party, and Joe Biden is their leader.

Whether or not the media and our politicians will admit it, the United States is in the middle of a Communist revolution. Perhaps Joe Biden and his comrades in the Democrat Party should take some time to read the US Constitution or listen to The Beatles:

“You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead

If you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao.

You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.

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