Democrat Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan has quite the history with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group proven by a federal judge to have ties to HAMAS, labeled a terror organization in the United Arab Emirates, and whom works closely with self-promoting anti-Semite and vocal supporter of Sharia Law, Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour has publicly praised Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, once going as far as to invoke jihad on President Trump and the United States as a whole in 2017.

“I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that Allah accepts from us, that is a form of jihad that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America were you have fascist and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”

Let’s take a moment to remember this now-deleted 2018 tweet by Farrakhan where he stated, “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

Farrakhan says he is an Anti-Termite - Howard Feldman

Photo posted on CAIR-Washington’s Twitter page in support of then-U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan in 2013, before she became the mayor of Seattle:

Often retweeting CAIR National, Coalition of Immigrants Refugees and Communities of Color, and CAIR-Washington tweets, Durkan makes no effort to hide her ties to the group, quite the contrary.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has had a close relationship with CAIR-Washington for years, but last year Seattle’s mayor met with the chapter several times and seemed to devote quite a lot of her attention to that of “asylum seekers, immigrants, and refugees.”

Durkan penned an op-ed for Washington Post in April 2019 which she addressed immigration in America in a “message to President Trump” concerning the White House’s stance on moving illegal detainees to “so-called” sanctuary cities. In the article, she made the claim that Trump was “demonizing immigrants and refugees to incite fear and to distract the American public from his own failures.”

“We will not allow a president who continues to threaten our shared values of inclusion, opportunity and diversity to jeopardize the health and safety of our communities. That’s why, shortly after taking office, I issued a mayoral directive strengthening Seattle’s “Welcoming City” laws that make clear that our city will not ask about — or improperly divulge information about — a resident’s immigration status. And our police officers will continue to focus on local law enforcement — not serve as federal immigration enforcement officials. This is what the president means when he uses the term “sanctuary city. So if this president wants to send immigrants and refugees to Seattle and other welcoming cities, let me be clear: We will do what we have always done, and we will be stronger for it. And it will only strengthen our commitment to fighting for the dignity of every person. We will not allow any administration to use the power of America to destroy the promise of America.” Durkan added.

Not once did she make the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, but who can be bothered with semantics, right? CAIR-Washington praised the op-ed tweeting, “Yes @MayorJenny! #RefugeesWelcome #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat”.

Never-Trumper Durkan has beat the same “equality” drum for years, calling President Trump’s words and actions “racist” against African Americans, Muslims, immigrants, and DREAMers. Exactly what racist words and actions she is referring to having come from President Trump have never been specified, as both are a farce.

In a tweet from 2018, Durkan, quickly getting her required “Happy Martin Luther King Jr.” statement out of the way (which was what should have been the focus), used the rest of her tweet and a subsequent tweet to bash President Trump. Durkan hijacked the holiday and her platform on Twitter to state that Washington D.C. was in “the daily turmoil of our current president,” and that “it couldn’t be more clear we are still in the struggle for equality.”

“It’s not enough to resist. We must organize, we must act, we must reclaim,” Durkan declared on Martin Luther King Jr. day, 2018.

It’s never enough though, and it never will be enough for Democrats hell-bent on the radicalization of our nation.

This makes Mayor Durkan’s tweets on Jan 15th, 2018 all the more confusing and out of touch with reality considering Trump proclaimed January 15th, 2018 as the official Federal Holiday for Martin Luther King Jr., asking all Americans to “observe this day with appropriate civic, community, and service activities” in honor of Dr. King’s life and legacy.”

By the summer of 2019, Durkan began to feel the heat from several organizations in Seattle that didn’t think she was doing enough to represent them and to support their endeavors. Durkan held several meetings in the spring and early summer of 2019 with CAIR-Washington, the Washington ACLU, and members from civil liberties, religious, and civil rights groups.

ACLU Washington reported in mid-June 2019, in an 8-page letter addressed to Mayor Durkan, a coalition of over 30 community organizations including CAIR-Washington and the ACLU of Washington demanded Seattle no longer hire any out-of-state police officers to work for the city. This, after finding out the city was in non-compliance with a 2017 decree unanimously adopted by the city council that eliminated police accountability reforms. U.S. District Court Judge James Robart ordered on May 21st, 2019, the city consult with the Community Police Commission (CPC) and Monitor in order to regain compliance.

In a July 2019 news conference, Seattle’s Chief of Police Carmen Best stressed that the increasing amount of police officers who were leaving the force was due in part to morale and the lack of support form community leaders.

“We are losing good people and we know it’s because they feel they are not supported,” Best said.

Other signees of the letter included: API Chaya, Asian Bar Association of Washington, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS), Asian Pacific Directors Coalition (APDC), Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) of King County, Byrd Barr Place, Casa Latina, Chinese Information and Service Center, Church Council of Seattle, Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence, El Centro de la Raza, Faith Action Network, Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality, John T. Williams Organizing Coalition, Latino Civic Alliance, Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO), Loren Miller Bar Association, Mothers For Police Accountability, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Not This Time, OneAmerica, Public Defender Association, QLaw Association of Washington, Real Change, Seattle LGBTQ Commission, Seattle Women’s Commission, Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness, Seattle/King County NAACP, The Defender Initiative, Seattle University School of Law, and the Vietnamese Community Leadership Institute.

Michele Storms, Executive Director of the ACLU-Washington said, “Supporting excellence in law enforcement includes holding accountable those who do not live up to the highest standards of constitutional policing.  When the public perceives police officers appearing to ‘get off on a technicality,’ community trust in our officers, including the vast majority who execute their duties professionally, suffers.”

“The CBA [collective bargaining agreement] damaged the Accountability Ordinance to such an extent that it is now unclear what standards police officers will be held to, making their adherence to those standards, accountability, and discipline more difficult, and successful appeals of merited discipline much more likely,” Storms added.

Late last fall, both CAIR National and CAIR-Washington called for Twitter to remove Trump’s account from the platform for what they claimed was Islamophobia. In reality, Trump had retweeted a post from another Twitter user who mistakenly stated Rep. Ilhan Omar was seen dancing on the anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. It was quickly corrected and removed by the original poster.

A similar operation as CAIR’s organized reporting, lobbying, and their eventual success in having Laura Loomer’s Twitter account permanently suspended, which at the time had over a quarter of a million followers.

In February 2020, CAIR-Washington’s Twitter account featured Mayor Durkan discussing the signing of a new Executive Order she claimed addressed “hate crimes”.

Just last month, and in place of their “regularly planned iftar dinners where local politicians meet and connect with the Muslim community”, CAIR-Washington rolled out a compilation video featuring Congressman Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Senator Patty Murray, Governor Jay Inslee, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan wishing the Muslim community “Ramadan Mubarak” and thanking them for all their “contributions during COVID-19”.

“The Muslim Community as a whole are fighting for justice year-round. That is exactly the spirit that makes Seattle so vibrant, welcoming and resilient,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says in the video.

Just a few days later, CAIR-Washington, taking President Trump’s statements on possible antiviral drugs being used on COVID-19 patients out of context and running with the Mainstream Media’s outrageous lie that the president had instead suggested Americans inject themselves with disinfectant, tweeted May 22nd, “We will not follow the lead of a President who suggests injecting people with “disinfectants” and who refuses to follow basic CDC guidelines like wearing a mask in public.”

We’re supposed to take an organization seriously that honestly believes President Trump would ever suggest people inject themselves with disinfectant? Why would we take anything they say seriously if this is the message they received from what was clearly a comparison of how disinfectants wipe out viruses on surfaces, and the need for something similar available (as an antiviral medication) available in vitro for patients suffering from COVID-19. This isn’t rocket science, at least it shouldn’t be.

CAIR-Washington then promptly showed their support for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s decision to upgrade charges against former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, who died in police custody, from third to second-degree murder. Ellison denies his decision to upgrade the charges were due to the public’s outcry for justice in the death of George Floyd.

Sarsour also applauded Ellison’s decision.

Not happy that a “white woman would come out ahead of a Black Attorney General,” Sarsour lambasted Amy Klobuchar’s announcement of the upgrading of charges against Derek Chauvin.

After Trump used the term “domestic terrorists” to describe the current scene in CHAZ, the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” that has since taken over 5-6 square blocks in Seattle, Mayor Durkan brushed off the idea that CHAZ is anything to be concerned about, stressing that she remained in control of the city.

With more than 2 weeks of violent and destructive protests still raging on, a new “autonomous zone” has been set up in Seattle that has been compared to Islamic “no-go zones” in Europe.

Fox News‘ Adam Shaw reported in 2018 on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s admission of the existence of “no-go” zones:

“Conservatives and populists have long warned of the existence of such zones as the partial consequence of mass Muslim migration from the Middle East and Africa, particularly after Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015 as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Such areas are said to be dogged by high-levels of crime and are described as ‘no-go zones’ because outsiders, including police and other authorities, are unable to enter. But Merkel, who won Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2015 in part because of her open-borders stance, mentioned their existence in an interview this week with German broadcaster n-tv as she called for a zero-tolerance policy on crime. She said that people have a right to feel safe when they meet in public places. When asked to clarify, she specified that she was talking about no-go zones.’It means for example that there cannot be any no-go areas, that there cannot be areas where no-one dares to go but there are such places,’ she said. ‘One has to call them by name and do something about it.’”

This was also discussed at great length a year prior in 2017, while the existence of “no-go zones” were still being denied in the book: “No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You,” written by Raheem Kassam, former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London, co-host of The War Room with Steve Bannon and current editor-in-chief of The National Pulse.

Though both the chief of police Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan deny that they gave the orders for police to leave the East Precinct, protesters in Seattle have since declared their plan to convert the precinct into a Mutual Aid headquarters for COVID-19.


On June 11th, President Trump tweeted that both Mayor Durkan and “Radical Left Governor @JayInslee” were being “played at a level that our great Country has never seen before.” The president demanded they both “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!”

In a subsequent tweet, President Trump noted that while anarchists were taking over the city, “the Liberal Democrat Governor” claimed to know “nothing about that”.

“It’s simply not true. Lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society, and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism. It’s patriotism,” Mayor Durkan said in a press conference on Thursday.

In an extensive thread posted Thursday on Twitter, Mayor Durkan said President Trump “doesn’t understand what’s happening on five square blocks of our City. Cal Anderson and Capitol Hill has for decades been a place for free speech, community, and self expression.”

“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone #CHAZ is not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection – it is a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world. Given his track record, it’s not hard to believe that Trump is wrong, yet again,” Durkan said.

Durkan added, “I also want to be clear as I have stated publicly previously – it is unconstitutional and illegal to send the military to Seattle. We will not allow this to happen.”

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday, Durkan referred to CHAZ as a type of “block party,” adding that Summer 2020 could turn out to be “The Summer of Love.”de

“There is no threat right now to the public. But what the President threatened is illegal and unconstitutional. And the fact that he can think he can just tweet that, and not have ramifications is just wrong.”

Doubling down, Durkan tweeted on Friday, “Seattle is fine. Don’t be so afraid of democracy,” in response to President Trump’s tweet demanding officials retake control over the city of Seattle.

Black Lives Matter members also recently met with Mayor Jenny Durkan Saturday, June 7th to demand police-reform and finalize a silent march that was held on Friday, June 12th.

As you can see, social distancing appears to be a thing of the past. Umbrella in tow, Durkan joined marchers to “abolish the school to prison pipeline, end biased policing, and undo centuries of systematic racism in our country.”

Though, some see through Durkan’s pandering. “Jenny Durkan is so desperate. She’s already launched her re-election campaign and knows her approval rating is tanked. She’s gassed and locked up protestors. She’s refusing to defund SPD. And she allowed a new $200 million youth jail to be built. Your marching don’t mean shit,” said Twitter user @daeshikjr.

“Let me be clear. Jenny Durkan used this march as a photo op to attempt to save face and keep her job. She has not listened to protesters in good faith, she has openly stated she isn’t going to defund SPD, and she refuses to go into detail about community investment,” Twitter user @MinusPeach said in response to Durkan’s participation in the silent march on Friday.

CAIR National has also shown public support for the “Defund the Police” movement we’ve seen in recent weeks, following the death of George Floyd which spawned violent rioting and looting in big cities throughout the country.

Wanting to check in on the happenings within CHAZ, what we found was…well, predictable.

Apparently, residents of CHAZ fought over the placement of a sign reading “Welcome to Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” for over 3 hours early Saturday morning.

Twitter user @FromKalen also posted a clip from the goings-on in CHAZ Saturday morning: “All white people must pay black people $10” Says a non-black person to all white citizens of #CHAZ…the newest country in North America.”


Reporters with The Daily Caller have also been reporting back on the latest within CHAZ, much to the resident’s dismay. See the following thread:


It seems Mayor Jenny Durkan is 100% behind CHAZ and its inhabitants, praising “the work that’s gone into creating the gardens,” after visiting on Friday.

“This garden is for black and indigenous folks and their plant allies,” the sign reads.

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