Hunter Biden’s Laptop scandal and his emails reveal that Joe Biden’s son has been profiting off of global pandemics, including COVID-19 since Joe Biden was Vice President under Barrack Obama.

By: Game Tech Politics in collaboration with Laura Loomer

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There are many scandalous stories surrounding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which has been dubbed “The Laptop From Hell” by many, including President Trump. In an effort to distract from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, the mainstream media and some Democrat politicians have described the “laptop from hell” as being Russian disinformation. As we no know thanks to testimony made in front of the US House Judiciary Committee, “Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and revealed that Secretary of State Antony Blinken was “the impetus” of the public statement signed in October 2020 that implied the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was disinformation.”

Over 50 intelligence officials signed a letter which falsely stated that Hunter Biden’s laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” However, we now know that is far from the truth, as it has been revealed by an IRS whistleblower that the FBI verified the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019, but chose to sit on it for the duration of the 2020 election in an effort to not harm Joe Biden’s Presidential election.

Now that we know the media and the intelligence officials were wrong or even lying, it begs the question…what else are they keeping from the public, and what else are they hiding?

Prior to the laptop surfacing, Reuters reported,

“Biden’s role at Burisma Holdings Ltd has come under intense scrutiny following unsupported accusations by U.S. President Donald Trump that Joe Biden improperly tried to help his son’s business interests in Ukraine.”

Those “unsupported claims” by President Trump ultimately turned out to be true.

Now the media has been forced to come to the realization that coordinated lies were told, narratives were spun, all in an effort to protect Joe Biden and mitigate a controversy regarding his son’s illegal and unethical business dealings, which Joe Biden himself helped play a role in facilitating.

And as the focus of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal has been focused on Hunter’s business dealings with China and Ukraine, a key factor of the scandal has gone unreported by the media in an effort to distract from a disturbing investment that Hunter Biden made called Metabiota.

Why doesn’t the media want to talk about Hunter Biden’s investment into MetaBiota?

Rosemont Seneca

In 2009, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Christopher Heinz founded the investment and advisory firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. One of Rosemont Seneca’s key investments in February of 2014 was Metabiota. The first initial investment they made into MetaBiota was for $250,000. An email from John DeLoche, the Managing Director of Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners highlights a dinner and conversation with Nathan Wolfe, the founder of Metabiota.

As the email to Hunter Biden, DeLoche said,

“We had a great dinner with Nathan and Robert from Metabiota last night. They are looking to do a series A in a few months which may allow us to mark up our investment to 5x what we paid. They are digitizing the microbial world; what Palantir is to the CIA, Metabiota is the USDA.”

One of the key points of this dinner was to use Hunter Biden as a proxy for Metabiota to get contracts from DHS and the Department of Defense since a the time, Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, was the Vice President of the United States under the administration of Barrack Obama. As the relationship evolved, emails also reveal that Metabiota wanted help from Rosemont Seneca to conduct business in Ukraine.

In an email that was sent to Hunter Biden and several of his partners at Rosemont Seneca from Mary Guttieri, the Vice President of Science and Technology Administration at Metabiota, she highlighted that it would be beneficial to “assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia.” This came at a time when Vice President Biden was in charge of Ukrainian relations.

The investment flourished when Hunter Biden convinced Goldman Sachs to get involved. In an email by John DeLoche, he said,

“Just spoke to Goldman. They want to find a way to come into the fund for $5mm-$10 million (bringing our GS assets to up to $60mm) and also do a direct co-invest in Metabiota.”

Hunter Biden knew the importance of this investment when it was stressed that Metabiota will be “more and more important with global awareness of Pandemic threats.”

The business deals in Ukraine by Hunter had a secrecy element involved that Devon Archer highlighted in another email he sent to Hunter Biden. The secrecy surrounding Hunter Biden’s board role was due to the fact that his father at the time was Vice President of the United States. In the email, Archer said,

“Spent 60 minutes on the phone with Vadim today.  They are in complete agreement in regards to the discrete nature of your Board role and they actually described the same before I repeated it. People will discover this though from corporate filings or one way or another so we have to be ready for questions.”

Regardless of the fact that these emails reveal a deliberate effort to conceal Hunter’s shady business ties and the use of his fathers influence to secure lucrative investments into a company that focuses on pandemics, the mainstream media is not asking Joe Biden or his son any questions about Metabiota.


Metabiota was founded in 2008 by Nathan Wolfe in San Francisco, California. According to their website, Metabiota

“harnesses data science, provides analytical tools, and delivers hand-on support, helping governments and businesses around the world mitigate and transfer the health and economic risks posed by infectious diseases. The company is widely recognized in the public and private sectors, having helped push the boundaries of insuring catastrophic risks, preparing for infectious disease threats and catalyzing public-private partnerships to protect global health security.”

Prior to Hunter Biden’s involvement in Metabiota, the United States government gave them a contract for $649,882. After Hunter Biden’s involvement with the board of Metabiota, US government spending records reveal that the Department of Defense awarded an $18.4 million contract to Metabiota between February 2014 and November 2016 (while Joe Biden was Vice President), with $307,091 earmarked for ‘Ukraine research projects’.

What’s important to remember is at the time these emails were sent in 2014, the world was facing a very serious threat to global public health when Ebola was spreading in West Africa at an alarming rate. At one point in 2016, data shows suspected and confirmed cases had totaled more than 28,600. For this reason, the United States government thought it was a good idea to give Metabiota millions of dollars to contain Ebola.

Prior to the Ebola outbreak, Vice President Biden had a history of combatting the very threat of diseases. The first disease that Biden aggressively kept focus on was the H1N1, the swine flu, which was spreading rapidly during the Obama administration. He was so aggressive in his approach, that he called on people to quit traveling via bus or plane. A Politico report by Natasha Korecki states, 

“Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew were summoned to the White House and assigned to clean up the mess Biden made: “Nip it in the bud,” LaHood said, recalling their instructions.”

Now that we know that Biden has had a history of being in power during pandemics, his expertise was needed with the Ebola crisis. In 2014, President Obama appointed Ron Klain, Vice President Joe Biden‘s former chief of staff as the Ebola Czar. Klain was the guy behind choosing Metabiota to contain the Ebola virus. Was Metabiota successful?

According to a CBS article, “WHO outbreak expert Dr. Eric Bertherat wrote to colleagues in a July 17, 2014, email about misdiagnoses and “total confusion” at the Sierra Leone government lab Metabiota shared with Tulane University in the city of Kenema. He said there was “no tracking of the samples” and “absolutely no control on what is being done.”

It’s odd that a company that collected samples of this virus did not track the samples that were being collected. In the end, American tax payers didn’t end up paying Metabiota millions of dollars to contain a virus, they paid them millions of dollars to bungle the response.

In a scathing review of Metabiota’s job performance, the CBS article goes on to explain,

“In Sierra Leone, Sylvia Blyden, who served as Special Executive Assistant to the country’s President in the early days of the outbreak, said Metabiota’s response was a disaster. “They messed up the entire region,” she said. She called Metabiota’s attempt to claim credit for its Ebola work “an insult for the memories of thousands of Africans who have died.”

Despite the poor performance by Metabiota, the United States continued to give tax payer money to Metabiota to handle future pandemics and track the spread of these viruses.

Global Pandemic Insurance

Metabiota’s successes in keeping the public safe from harmful viruses may have been limited. However, their pandemic insurance was a success.

In an email to Hunter Biden from Rosemont Seneca employee Neil Callahan, he wrote to William Lee,

“So a buddy of mine runs a consulting firm that does corporate strategy and assurance type work – one of his case studies is “Pandemic Preparedness” his clients include Goldman, Pfizer, Merck – Fortune 100 types.”

Given what we now know about the COVID-19 pandemic, one has to ask the question, did this pandemic insurance consist of these companies creating and selling a vaccine on the taxpayers dime under the guise of “Pandemic Preparedness”?

Regardless of the failures or successes of Metabiota, Hunter Biden’s investment into Metabiota was very lucrative. No matter how you spin this investment, the fact is that Hunter Biden clearly profited from COVID-19 and the millions of dollars of Metabiota government contracts that were granted to Metabiota while Hunter Biden’s father was Vice President. And perhaps he will continue to profit off of future investments while his father is in the White House.

It is rather interesting that Hunter Biden invested into Metabiota, a company that claims to be managing, stopping, and preventing epidemics by working closely with local health authorities worldwide, “supporting them in their efforts to better serve their communities through expanded and improved surveillance, laboratory, and response capacities”.

Is Hunter Biden a genius investor, or did he know something beforehand from his father’s position as Vice President that prompted him to invest in a Pandemic response company?

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