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As the race to the White House continues to heat up amid the 2024 GOP Presidential primary, Kevin McCarthy’s lack of an endorsement for President Trump’s re-election continues to be the elephant in the room.

Unsurprisingly, McCarthy had no problem using President Trump for his endorsement in January 2023 when McCarthy ran for Speaker of the House. Yet, even with President Trump’s endorsement, McCarthy struggled to receive support for his bid for Speaker of the House, which took 15 separate votes on the floor of the House to make him Speaker since so many Republican representatives, including many who have endorsed President Trump for re-election in 2024, adamantly opposed McCarthy’s Speakership.

If you have been reading my Substack, you know that McCarthy’s son Connor McCarthy works for an anti-Trump Big Tech investor named Joe Lonsdale, who has endorsed Ron DeSantis, and recently held fundraiser(s) for DeSantis’s Presidential campaign.

Kevin McCarthy won’t endorse President Trump for re-election, but I have learned that he is using his son, and his own donors by proxy as a way to help Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign against President Trump.

Last week, DeSantis traveled to California where he held a fundraiser on June 19 at the Harris Ranch in Coalinga. The private fundraiser, which was closed to the media and not open to the public, was hosted by Coalinga rancher John Harris and Fresno developer Richard F. Spencer. Roughly 60 donors gathered to listen to DeSantis speak about his Presidential campaign, and each donor was required to pay $3,300 to attend the fundraiser.

John Harris and Richard Spencer are considered to be two of the biggest GOP donors in California. According to FEC records, Harris has donated to Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign, as well as her PAC “Team Stand for America” this year, and he has been a longstanding donor to Kevin McCarthy.

In 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a fundraiser that was hosted in Coalinga at Harris Ranch, which is owned by Harris. While in attendance, Harris and Newsom posed for a photo together and discussed funding the proposed Temperance Flat and Sites reservoirs.

The second host of the fundraiser, Richard Spencer, owns Spencer Enterprises, a Fresno, California based construction company. FEC Records show Spencer donated $5,000 to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign on March 30, 2023.

In addition to donating to Newsom, Spencer is a large donor to Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy’s various leadership PACS, and on March 31, 2023, just one day after he donated to Gavin Newsom, Spencer gave a maximum contribution to Randy Feenstra, a Congressman in Iowa.

Less than two months later, DeSantis and his wife were campaigning for President in Iowa where they attended the 2023 Feenstra Family Picnic, hosted by the US House representative Randy Feenstra in Sioux Center. In 2020, with Kevin McCarthy’s help, Feenstra successfully primaried pro-Trump, America First Congressman Steven King after then minority leader Kevin McCarthy stripped King of his committee assignments after the New York Times falsely accused King of being a “White Supremacist”. King was arguably one of President Trump’s strongest allies in Congress.

FEC records also show Harris and Spencer have both donated to California Republican Congressional candidate John Duarte, a pistachio farmer who was first elected to Congress in 2022.

During the Republican Primary in 2022, Duarte was challenged by David Giglio, a pro Trump GOP candidate for Congress. According to Giglio, McCarthy worked against his campaign, and even went as far as telling donors to only donate to candidates who were approved and liked by Kevin McCarthy.

Giglio provided this publication with an exclusive comment, adding,

“I met with Richard Spencer in December of 2021 while running for California’s 13th Congressional District about endorsing and donating to my campaign. We met for over an hour. He told me he really liked me. When I asked for an endorsement and a donation at the end of the meeting, Richard said “I can’t do that until I speak with the leader (Kevin McCarthy).” Giglio added, “When I asked John Harris for a meeting about my Congressional race, he declined..

According to Giglio, Spencer told him that he only makes donations to candidates and only has fundraisers for candidates if it’s approved by Kevin McCarthy, who is now the Republican Speaker of the House.

Giglio also said,

“It is common knowledge in California’s Central Valley that major GOP and McCarthy aligned donors like John Harris and Richard Spencer only donate to candidates at the behest of Kevin McCarthy. This pertains to all positions and elections, from County Supervisor, Congress, and even Presidential races.”

In other words, instead of openly endorsing President Trump for re-election in 2024, McCarthy is subverting President Trump by telling his top donors who to support and donate to in 2024. In this case, it is Republican candidates for President who are challenging President Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Following DeSantis’s fundraiser at Harris Ranch, Granville Wire (GW), a local Central Valley publication interviewed Spencer. In a statement to GW about why he and Harris hosted a max donation fundraiser for DeSantis’s Presidential campaign in California, Spencer said,

“I think (former President Donald) Trump did a lot of really good things for us before he did some not-so-good things for us — us being conservative Republicans. I would personally be delighted if he changed his mind … and didn’t run. But I doubt very much that that’s going to happen. We think that this guy (DeSantis) is a real good guy and probably would make a really good president. I also think that Tim Scott has a very positive message and needs to be brought, perhaps, and exposed to people here (in the Valley). Nikki Haley, I know, is John’s (Harris) kind of first choice and she would be really good.”

Granville Wire is owned by Iranian immigrant and California Developer Darius Assemi, whose political contributions include donations to Kevin McCarthy, along with many anti-Trump candidates, including HAMAS sympathizer Rashida Tlaib, Nancy Pelosi, impeachment supporter Lisa Murkowski, Diane Feinstein, and John Duarte.

Along with being a big donor to Kevin McCarthy, Assemi also donated $29,200 to Gavin Newsom’s Gubernatorial campaign.

It’s rather ironic that Ron DeSantis spends his time attacking California Governor Gavin Newsom over what DeSantis calls “woke policies”, and yet DeSantis is taking campaign donations from Kevin McCarthy donors who have a documented history of hosting fundraisers for and donating thousands of dollars to Gavin Newsom, as recently as March 2023.

It also begs the question…why are so many of McCarthy’s max donation donors donating to Gavin Newsom, and why are these same donors donating to Ron DeSantis? If Ron DeSantis is truly such a threat to the RINO establishment and the Democrat Party, why is DeSantis getting campaign donations from California’s biggest financiers of the RINO GOP Establishment and Gavin Newsom? If Kevin McCarthy is truly a Trump ally, how come none of his top GOP donors from California (who claim to only donate with McCarthy’s approval) haven’t yet donated to President Trump’s 2024 re-election? And lastly, why are McCarthy’s top California donors telling a California publication owned by a financier of McCarthy, radical Democrats, and pro-impeachment Republicans that they would “personally be delighted if he [Donald Trump] changed his mind” and didn’t run for President in 2024?

Whether it’s McCarthy’s son working with anti-Trump Big tech investor and McCarthy donor Joe Lonsdale, who has reportedly been getting his Silicon Valley colleagues and other Big Tech millionaires and billionaires (Peter Thiel, David Sacks, Elon Musk) to support Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign, or whether it’s McCarthy’s top donors in California hosting high dollar fundraisers for Ron DeSantis and donating to other 2024 challengers to Trump, it is clear that Kevin McCarthy is green lighting a subversive donor class assault on President Trump’s 2024 re-election.

It was always a mistake for President Trump to endorse Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy is a snake in the grass waiting to strike President Trump when the time is right in an effort to kill off President Trump’s chances at re-election. However, President Trump continues to associate with McCarthy although he has always had the power to destroy McCarthy first.

When will President Trump finally wake up and realize that Kevin McCarthy is just another Paul Ryan? It’s also no secret that Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan are best friends. Just like it’s no secret that Paul Ryan, via his position on the board of Fox News, is serving as a media advisor to DeSantis’s Presidential campaign. Paul Ryan recently said that he will not attend the RNC convention if Donald Trump is the 2024 nominee.

Perhaps President Trump needs to be reminded of the Fables of Aesop, specifically the fable about “The Farmer and Snake”.

The Farmer & the Snake

A Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. On the ground lay a Snake, stiff and frozen with the cold. The Farmer knew how deadly the Snake could be, and yet he picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life.

The Snake soon revived, and when it had enough strength, bit the man who had been so kind to it. The bite was deadly and the Farmer felt that he must die. As he drew his last breath, he said to those standing around:

Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel.

Kevin McCarthy is a snake and a filthy scoundrel who deserves no pity.

Summer has officially arrived, which means the snake has thawed.

Will President Trump remain inside the den of poisonous vipers he has found himself within, or will he prevent Kevin McCarthy from being able to strike the MAGA and America First movement with his toxic venom ever again?

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Laura Loomer