Prominent conservative influencer Ali Alexander has reported that Washington Examiner editors are investigating their writer Tiana Lowe‘s so-called “exclusive” reporting on Ilhan Omar.

“Told that Washington Examiner editors are investigating Tiana Lowe’s blog from yesterday,” Alexander tweeted. “They’re comparing her information with Star Tribune, PJ Media, and Alpha News work following accusations of plagiarism. Have already determined not proper sourcing. “


Lowe tweeted out yesterday – “EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of documents obtained by the Washington Examiner indicate Ilhan Omar lived with Ahmed Hirsi during the years she claimed to be married by law and in faith to Ahmed Elmi.”

After Lowe’s tweet, a slew of journalists began posting their months-old stories proving that the reporting of Ilhan Omar’s fraudulent marriage to her brother Ahmed Elmi was not an “exclusive” story by Lowe in any way.

After being called out by journalists who had actually worked to break the story, including former PJMedia editor David Steinberg and Laura Loomer, Lowe attempted to claim she had provided new addresses proving Omar’s fraud.

As Steinberg pointed out, Alpha News‘s Preya Samsundar discovered this information three years ago.

Lowe’s effort to save face backfired on her completely, with conservatives like Jack Posobiec, Michelle Malkin, and many others pointing out her fraud.


Laura Loomer, featured in a documentary exposing Ilhan Omar’s fraudulent marriage and immigration fraud called Importing Ilhan, had some words for Lowe.

“While we were on the ground in Minnesota doing work, she was probably on her knees in DC trying to get a job,” Loomer posted on Telegram. “She stole the work from myself, Alpha News, PowerLine Blog, Ali, and Jacob Wohl. She’s an absolute liar.”

Loomer added, “Some of us do original work instead of sucking dick and stealing stories Tiana.”

Here is a sample of the torrent of comments to Lowe on her “exclusive”:


Tiana Lowe did not respond to a request for comment.