Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American, Muslim politician currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, has been creating a political firestorm with her anti-Semitic comments and questionable behavior.

Investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, has been proactively warning the public and uncovering Omar’s secrets along the way. You may remember when Loomer discovered and served documents proving Omar had married her very own brother, or when Omar was found endangering her daughter, or even when Omar was scheduled to speak about “diversity” to students at a middle school, an event which produced outrage when parents were denied access to attend the event.

With a large majority of the public ready for Omar to be removed from office, it’s no surprise Loomer isn’t the only one challenging Omar now. But who is the congresswoman’s new challenger?

Welcome Danielle Stella, a name unknown to the public – until now.

Yesterday, May 30, 2019, Danielle Stella began to gain traction with her new campaign when she was discovered by various internet persons, who went on to share her congressional running across several social media platforms.

Though Stella’s name is new to the game, she could become the next big person to have Omar removed. The word of Stella is still spreading, which you can find on Twitter: @2020MNCongress.

Stella Tweets, “We’re building our campaign team, setting up an official site, I’ll be addressing my platform and views. Our Facebook & Parler should be up tomorrow. “

If you’re a citizen who is ready to have Ilhan Omar removed from office, then give Danielle Stella a review. You can learn more about Stella and support her in challenging Omar by visiting her Twitter and using the new and upcoming hashtags #Stella2020 and #OmarMustGo.