Today, on Memorial Day, 2019, I want to remember with gratitude the very brave men and women who have actually sacrificed their lives to keep America strong, proud, and FREE.

It is because of their sacrifice that any of us conservatives still have a voice at all.

However, our voice is becoming more constricted. They ARE trying to snuff us out. Be strong fellow Illoominators. Keep the faith, and keep shining a light on the truth.

There are those who think that censorship isn’t real. There are those who think we are blowing things out of proportion.

But, that’s what many thought about Hitler.

Let’s remember with reverence.

As I walk here in Israel today, I am reminded that oppression starts in the corners of society, and soon spreads like wildfire. We can’t let that happen. We have to stand on the shoulders of those who have fought before us. Their’s was an even more dire battle for life and death. Our war-front is in cyber-space.

And people ARE standing up! People ARE supporting this cause, more conservative leaders stand up to Big Tech every day. We have right on our side.

With the help of free-speech warriors around the world, we will not be silenced.

The truth will still set us free.

~ Laura Loomer