J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin appeared on CNN right after the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that President Trump can remain on the ballot. During his CNN appearance, Raskin stated that in the wake of SCOTUS’ ruling, he and Eric Swalwell would introduce legislation in Congress to kick Trump off the ballot. Raskin’s pledge is quite hypocritical as the J6 Committee consistently lectured the American public on the importance of democracy. Raskin’s pledge should come as no surprise, as he recently said Loomer Unleashed needed “deprogramming” after we asked him why the J6 Committee deleted their communications with Fani Willis. Raskin proves that those on the left only crave power, and they are willing to sacrifice any policy necessary to achieve their ultimate goal of acquiring more power. For Democrats, the ends justify the means.

Raskin appeared on CNN after the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump could remain on the ballot. Seething in anger over the ruling, Raskin told CNN, “Eric Swalwell, my colleagues and I are working to revive legislation, which we had, to set up a process by which we could determine that someone who committed an insurrection is disqualified by section 3 of the 14th Amendment.”

Raskin’s J6 Committee lectured the American public on the importance of democracy. It’s incredibly hypocritical that Raskin wants to remove Joe Biden’s leading opponent from the ballot when his committee was built around the idea of “saving democracy.” It should come as no surprise to the American people that Raskin does not take the facts seriously and will lie as long as the ends can justify the means. Raskin previously said Loomer Unleashed needed “deprogramming” for asking him why the J6 Committee deleted their communications with Fani Willis. Raskin also accused Loomer Unleashed contributors of being “cult members.”

Raskin accused Loomer Unleashed of lying, despite the House Judiciary Committee’s December 5th letter to Fani Willis asking for “documents relating to the investigative coordination between your office and the partisan January 6 Select Committee.” The House Judiciary Committee asked Willis for her records because the J6 Committee deleted their communications with Willis.

Also, on December 5th, the House Select Committee on Oversight wrote to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “According to public reporting, the Select Committee shared records with Ms. Willis. The Select Committee provided ‘Fulton County prosecutors…key evidence about what former President Trump and his top advisers knew’ with respect to Georgia’s 2020 election results.5 However, there are no records of any additional communication between the Select Committee and Ms. Willis and her office. Therefore, we have no records showing what the Select Committee actually provided her office.”

Raskin knew we were telling the truth about the J6 Committee, just like Raskin knows his legislation to disqualify Trump from the ballot is highly hypocritical. But for leaders of the Democrat Party, lying and being a hypocrite are acceptable as long as it leads to ultimate power.

Charles Downs