On July 13, left-wing radical Willem Van Spronsen was killed after throwing fire bombs at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility and nearby cars in Tacoma, Washington, causing one vehicle to erupt in flames.

Left-wing radical congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib have refused to condemn the attack.

Cortez has compared ICE facilities to Nazi concentration camps where millions were killed.

At another ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, the American flag was taken down and vandalized by left-wing radicals and replaced with the Mexican flag.

Now, prominent conservative Michelle Malkin is rallying with Republican Tom Tancredo and others outside of the ICE facility in Colorado.

The #StandWithICE rally is live now outside the Aurora ICE Detention Center. Hundreds of supporters came to join Malkin and stand with ICE.

“Working hard on this Labor Day holiday to show support for the 20,000+ men & women of ICE who keep America safe,” tweeted Malkin. “On radio now with @randycorporon talking about our #StandWithICE event later this morning in Aurora CO.”

Congressman Chip Roy responded to Malkin on Twitter, writing “Thank you, Michelle. I went to Aurora ICE the day after it was needlessly attacked by a mob to tear down the American flag. I saw 1200 folks in clean beds, w/ iPads, tv’s, ping pong, doctors… from 57 countries. ICE is overwhelmed doing its job.”

On July 12, an estimated 2,000 protesters stormed the Aurora ICE facility. Besides replacing the U.S. flag with a Mexican flag, they spray-painted a Blue Lives Matter flag with the words “Abolish Ice” and hung it upside down.

Left-wing Twitter accounts have praised the deceased terrorist who attempted to firebomb the Tacoma ICE facility.

“May his memory be a blessing,” wrote Antifa Sacramento, adding “Love to those still fighting.”

In a now deleted tweet, Shaun King, a left-wing writer for The Intercept, wrote “History has taught us that concentration camps should be liberated. We cannot & should not wait until 2020, w/ the hope that we defeat Trump, to free these children. We should liberate them NOW – by any means necessary,” and then linked to an article he wrote condemning ICE.

When asked by reporter Keean Bexte to condemn the terrorist attack on ICE, Cortez, Pressley, and Omar all refused and would not condemn the firebombing.

Last month, radical Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was denied access to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracted facility after she failed to request a tour. Tlaib then created a public relations spectacle, claiming she was unfairly barred despite showing up to the facility without notice.

Tlaib tweeted that she was “denied access to tour the facility,” and received nearly 12,000 “likes” on Twitter.

Tlaib claimed to have spoken with “4 immigrant detainees,” despite being denied access to the facility. Tlaib further claimed, “One suffers from severe PTSD & requires medication. She is on day 10 w/o her prescription. Another woman had to sleep on the floor for 3 days.”

“If they want a tour of a contracted facility they have to set it up 48 hours in advance,” said Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton. “My lieutenant followed procedures, and we just don’t let a group walk into our facility. If she had called me and said, ‘I would like a tour of your facility,’ I would have set it up.” 

Of the approximately 191 ICE detainees housed there, Sheriff Saxton said no one sleeps on the floor unless they choose to do so. Sheriff Saxton added that he has received no complaints about mistreatment from any of the illegals housed there, and no complaints have been filed by any of the illegals.