A Somali Muslim man residing in north Minneapolis, located within the congressional district of esteemed Somali Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), was arrested in late June and charged with sexually assaulting a child, among other heinous crimes.

Abdifetah Ali Kalif, 18, reportedly climbed into a vehicle being driven by an acquaintance of the victim after she was picked up from a friend’s apartment. That’s when the brutal events began to transpire.

The victim, a 14-year-old girl, said that Kalif began ripping her clothing off, and then produced a knife, threatening to stab her with it. She reported to authorities that she thought she was going to die, and stopped fighting Kalif.

“The girl said that when Kalif was not able to achieve sexual penetration he became angry and punched her several times in the face and then forced her to perform oral sex on him,” Alpha News said. “She said that they drove in the area of northeast Minneapolis before the driver brought her back to her friend’s apartment, the complaint said.”

Later that evening, the victim’s friend reportedly drove her home, observing the injuries to her face. Her mother, too, observed the injuries. They reported the alleged attack to the police two day later.

“DNA swabs were obtained from the victim and a subsequent medical report confirmed that the victim had a bone fracture to her eye socket,” according to Alpha News.

Kalif was then positively identified by a resource officer at his high school after the victim gave police his Snapchat handle, which contained a profile photo of him. He was arrested, and admitted to the police that he hit the girl because she “wasted his time and lied to him,” but did not admit to causing her injuries. Kalif also told police that he did not meet the victim specifically to have sex, but that he ordered her to give him oral sex, then “smacked” her when she did not comply. After hitting her, she reportedly gave in to his demands. He also reportedly acknowledge locking the victim in the car so she could not get out.

Kalif has been charged with one count of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving penetration and injury under use of force or coercion. He faces 30 years in prison and/or a $40,000 bond. He was released from jail on a $500,000 non-cash bond, and is scheduled to make his next court appearance in October.

But wait, there’s more.

Kalif reportedly requested a court interpreter, meaning that he does not speak enough English to fully comprehend the goings-on of his trial. That bill will be footed by the taxpayer. His home address is listed as the Minnesota Public Housing Authority, meaning that he lives on the taxpayer dime. He also attends, or at least attended, a public high school. (Remember this the next time a liberal calls you “racist” for suggesting that perhaps immigrants and refugees are a drain on public resources).

The charges against Kalif came right around the time when Somali-American police officer Mohamed Noor was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after he killed Justine Ruszcyk Damond, also in Minneapolis.

Damond, a life coach and yoga instructor, approached the driver’s side of Noor’s patrol car to report a possible sexual assault, when Noor shot her dead. At the time of the murder, Noor was sitting in the passenger’s seat, meaning that he drew his weapon and shot across the body of his partner, who was in the driver’s seat.

Our new country’s gonna be great!