Spencer Zwick, who has led multiple Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan fundraising operations, held an elite fundraiser in Boston, Massachusetts, for Nikki Haley on December 15th. Tcket prices for this event started at $6,000. Zwick is cofounder of Solamere Capital, a company that is also led by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s son Taggart Romney. This should come as no surprise as Haley’s campaign has echoed Paul Ryan’s policies and statements. Haley has embraced becoming Paul Ryan in high heels.

A flyer for the December 15th Nikki Haley fundraiser in Boston shows Ryan-Romeny’s top advisor and funder, Spencer Zwick, as the event’s host. Event attendees were asked to pay $6,000 per person or $13,200 per couple. Haley’s Boston fundraiser exposed the lies that Haley tells voters that she stands for America’s working class. This event comes after JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told his liberal elite audience at the New York Times Book Conference to donate to Nikki Haley in an attempt to stop President Trump in the GOP primary.

According to Solamere Capital’s website, Spencer Zwick is the company’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, Paul Ryan is  Partner and Chair, and Mitt Romney’s son is the Managing Partner and Co-founder. Solamere Capital is essentially Romney-Ryan, INC.

FEC records show Spencer Zwick frequently donated to Romney and Ryan. Besides his personal donation, it has been reported that Zwick has raised over a billion dollars for Romney and Ryan’s operations.

Haley’s close ties to Ryan and Romney should come as no surprise given Haley’s embracement of Ryan-Romney policies. Haley once made the absurd statement that American workers can learn to work hard from Chinese workers, saying, “They work with passion, and they work with urgency – like there is no time to waste, and they want it all done yesterday… And we’re saying: let’s get that passion again. And that’s why I think the Chinese investments are good for us.” Paul Ryan was recently announced as a spokesman for Shein, a Chinese fast fashion company that is attempting to expand into America.

Haley is also for cutting social security and medicare. Paul Ryan’s Speakership faced frequent criticism due to Ryan’s obsession with cutting these programs. The Trump campaign asked the critical question of Haley’s campaign: “How much longer do you want to force people to slave away just so they can earn what they have been promised, Nikki?”


Then there is the Koch Network. Americans for Prosperity Action endorsed Haley’s presidential run. Back in 2017, Club for Growth, another Koch network-funded organization, released a statement titled “Club for Growth Supports Ryan’s No-Tariff-Increase Pledge.” This article described their satisfaction with the former Speaker over his efforts to fight President Trump’s America First Tariffs.

From donors to policy, it has become increasingly clear: Nikki Haley is nothing more than Plau Ryan in high heels. As President Trump likes to say, the Republican Party is not going back to the days of Paul Ryan.

Charles Downs