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Hey guys! It’s Laura.

Do you own your own business? I want to help you! My website, Loomered.com is growing, and we over 1 million views in the last 2 months.

I have an active telegram feed of over 12k viewers daily, and over 50k email subscribers, and 81k followers on Parler who are actively engaged in her work and the conversation about protecting Free Speech in America.

Let’s work together to support your business, and my journalism at the same time. We can post an ad, a video, or a shout-out to your business and website, on any or all of these platforms. Our website space starts at just $800 for an entire month, and we can discuss affiliate programs too.

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Just answer a few questions below, or email m@lauraloomer.us, tell us a little about your company, what your budget is, and my marketing specialist will reach out to you asap.