Joe Biden’s mental decline has created a tough week for United States Senate candidates Ruben Gallego and Jon Tester. Biden’s cognitive decline and horrific policies have resulted in current polling showing President Trump leading in Gallego and Tester’s home states of Arizona and Montana, causing them to hide in their offices, resulting in skipped votes and committee assignments. Answering questions is a fundamental duty of a public servant; how can Tester and Gallego claim to voters that they are qualified to be United States Senators when they skip work due to a challenging environment?

Congressional Democrats receiving questions about Biden’s cognitive decline has scared Ruben Gallego into hiding. Congressional records from the United States House of Representatives Clerk show that Arizona United States Senate candidate Ruben Gallego skipped votes Monday and Tuesday. Loomered Unleashed can also report that Gallego skipped his committee work on Natural Resources Tuesday afternoon.

Laura Loomer posted on Gallego being too much of a coward to show up to work,Why is @RubenGallego hiding? Is he that scared of saying whether or not he’s still supporting @JoeBiden as the Democrat nominee? Wow.”

However, Ruben Gallego found time on Wednesday to vote no on H. R. 8281, a bill requiring proof of United States citizenship to vote. It’s very telling that Gallego is only willing to risk exposure to vote against securing America’s election and border.

Montana United States Senator Jon Tester, who also faces a tough election in November, skipped his committee assignments Wednesday afternoon to avoid questions from the press about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Loomer Unleashed witnessed firsthand Wednesday afternoon that Tester failed to arrive at his Indian affairs committee hearing due to a significant press presence waiting for him to arrive.

Laura Loomer posted on Tester’s cowardness,SCOOP: Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester @jontester ditched his own Committee hearing today at 2:30 pm by not even showing up because he was hiding from reporters to avoid answering questions about whether or not he still supports Joe Biden. Tester was supposed to attend the Indian Affairs Committee hearing today, but he decided to not show up because he didn’t want to address questions from the media about Biden’s mental decline. This is a big deal, as Montana has eleven Indian tribes living on seven reservations. Together they make up about six percent of Montana’s population. Why should Tester be given another term when he isn’t even showing up for work because he’s too scared of the media? Pathetic!”

Answering questions and voting are fundamental duties of a United States Senator. Arizona and Montana voters must hold Tester and Gallego accountable at the ballot box for failing to uphold the most basic principles that public servants must provide for their constituents.

Laura Loomer