California Governor Gavin Newsom continues making moves that add to the speculation that he will replace Biden on the DNC’s presidential ticket. Following his July 3rd trip to the White House, Newsom will head to the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania, where he will hold rallies in Pittsburgh and Bucks County for Joe Biden and Bob Casey. Senator Casey, like Biden, has deep Scranton roots. It’s very telling Casey is embracing Newsom. However, Casey’s embrace of Newsom should come as no surprise. Alex and George Soros have been donating heavily to Casey’s 2024 campaign. Alex Soros called Newsom “one of the USA’s greatest leaders.” Casey’s embracement of Newsom makes clear that the Pennsylvania Senator is a tool of the far Left.

Gavin Newsom will hold a Pittsburgh rally on Friday and a Bucks County rally on Saturday for Joe Biden and Bob Casey. In an email sent before Newsom’s Wednesday visit to the White House, the California Governor wrote, “As you read this, I am on my way to Washington, D.C. to meet and stand with the president at the White House later tonight. When that’s over, I’ll be hitting the road to campaign for him and Democrats running up-and-down the ballot in several swing states. One of the places I’ll be going is Pennsylvania, where I’ll be with Senator Bob Casey as he runs for re-election in a tough race against a well-funded opponent.”

Newsom’s email continued, “I understand that folks are anxious right now, and a lot of people have reached out to ask what they can do. The truth is, we all have our roles to play if Democrats are going to win this fall. That’s the only way it’s going to happen. If we are simply witnesses, we’ll lose. When act, Democrats can win.”


Laura Loomer posted about Newsom’s trip to D.C. “Gavin Newsom @GavinNewso loves the cameras. With that in mind, does anyone else find it odd that Newsom came to D.C. the day before the 4th of July and didn’t appear on camera or in public once? Clearly, something is happening. It’s highly unusual for Governors who are visiting the White House to not be seen or appear on camera. Something very strange is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Like Joe Biden, Bob Casey has deep Scranton roots, which makes Casey’s embracement of Newsom very telling. However, Casey making Newsom a staple of his campaign is no surprise, as the two have a mutual connection via Alex and George Soros. Fec Records shows that Alex, George, and other members of the Soros family have donated to Bob Casey 18 times since 2017.

Last September, Alex Soros shared a picture of him and Gavin Newsom at a Clinton Global Initiative event, captioning their photo,Starting one of New York’s craziest weeks: #ClimateWeek and @UN General Assembly at the @ClintonGlobal Initiative and got to catch up with one of the USA’s great leaders @GavinNewsom!”

Bob Casey’s embracement of Gavin Newsom further drives home the fact that Casey is nothing more than a tool for the radical Left.

Charles Downs