Steve Bannon was jailed Monday over his conviction on contempt of Congress charges after he refused to comply with the January 6th Committee’s subpoena. Interestingly, The House Judiciary Committee has asked that J6 Committee Members and Fulton County DA Fani Willis turn over their deleted communications. Willis and J6 Committee members have failed to follow through on the House Judiciary Committee’s requests. J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin recently called Loomer Unleashed “delusional” after asking if the J6 Committee won’t hand over their deleted communications because there are more videos like Pelosi’s where she took full “responsibility” for J6. Monday’s jailing of Bannon proves that in Joe Biden’s America, there are two standards of justice.

Steve Bannon reported to Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut Monday morning to begin serving his four-month prison sentence for defying the J6 Committee’s subpoena.

Interestingly, the J6 Committee believes it can jail people for not following its requests while ignoring congressional requests from the House Judiciary Committee for deleted communications. Loomer Unleashed recently asked J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin, “Congressman. Real quick, did you not hand over your deleted communications because there were more tapes like Nancy Pelosi’s saying J6 was her fault? Is that why you won’t hand them over? You don’t want the American public to see the truth?”

Raskin, “No.. You are delusional. So good luck with all of your problems.”

Loomer Unleashed, “I don’t have any problems, sir. You are the one with problems. “

Raskin, “Go back to your job.”

Loomer Unleashed: “My job is trying to figure out where those deleted J6 Communications went. There is a video of Nancy Pelosi saying J6 was all her fault. The video does not lie, Congressman.”


A few weeks earlier, Rep. Raskin became enraged with us when we asked, “Where did the J6 communications go?”

Raskin,” How do you feel about violent insurrection and beating up cops?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Isn’t that a lie? You guys made that up. Police officers really did not die on J6. Why do you guys lie so much? Do you care to comment?”

Raskin’s staffer then attempted to interrupt our conversation. We responded, saying,” This is a public sidewalk outside the Capitol. Come on. Also, one more question: This guy [Raskin] is also trying to kick President Trump off the ballot. You guys [the Left] are talking about ‘saving democracy,’ but you are trying to kick Trump off the ballot, hiding evidence, not wanting to talk on public sidewalks. What’s up with that?”

Raskin’s staffer responded, “Thank you for your time.” We said,” I don’t think you are thankful for me asking you questions. Just answer one question: what happened to the J6 deleted communications?”

We also asked J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “So why hasn’t the J6 Committee followed through and handed over the deleted communications with Fani Willis?”

In an attempt to play dumb, Thompson said, “Who?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Fani Willis, y’all deleted your communications, and the House Oversight has asked for the communications, and you have not provided it to them yet.”

Thompson then lied, saying, “Well, as far as I know, everything has been provided.”

We responded, “Well, there are letters that say otherwise.”

In Joe Biden’s America, those participating in the “Get Trump” witch hunts can do as they please, while good people like Steve Bannon face unjust prison sentences. The only way for the lawlessness to stop is for President Trump to win in November.

Charles Downs