Fresh off his massive debate win, President Trump hit the campaign trail Friday, visiting the new battleground state of Virginia. Trump held his rally in Chesapeake, located near the battleground state of North Carolina. Trump’s massive crowd gave him a hero’s welcome. Loomer Unleashed witnessed Trump’s vast crowd, which could have easily been one of Trump’s largest rallies to date. Trump continues to build momentum in crucial battleground states as Democrats struggle with deciding on their Presidential Nominee.

Traffic stood for a standstill for at least three miles in each direction from President Trump’s ¬†Greenbrier Farms rally location as Trump supporters from across the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia flooded Chesapeake to see America’s favorite President speak.

Once inside Greenbrier Farms, Trump’s crowd was a sea of red, white, and blue, stretching into an even bigger overflow space behind the press area. It’s safe to say that Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom could never draw a Virginia crowd that massive.

President Trump’s crowd had such high energy that they even cheered with excitement as Trump’s motorcade arrived.

A rock concert atmosphere ensued as soon as President Trump took the stage. The cheers from Trump’s massive crowd were so loud that cheering from the overflow crowd continued as Trump started speaking. Voter enthusiasm is clearly on President Trump’s side.

During his rally, President Trump broke fantastic news, saying, “A great thing just happened a few hours ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Biden’s Department of Injustice has wrongly prosecuted hundreds of Americans for peacefully protesting on January 6th.”

President Trump received the largest cheers of approval after saying, “Every time the Radical Left Democrats, Marxists, Communists, and Fascists indict me, I consider it a GREAT BADGE OF HONOR.” Clearly, the American people are thankful that Trump is putting himself on the line to fight for them.

Following his speech, President Trump was clearly in a fantastic mood as he danced off the stage with an extra bounce in his step, which says a lot because President Trump is a high-energy individual. Trump’s crowd also joined him in dancing. It was truly a special sight to behold.

President Trump capitalized on his post-debate momentum by expanding the election map, putting Virginia, a usually safe D state, into play. Meanwhile, Democrats are unsure of who they will run for President in November. However, one thing is clear: Biden, Newsom, or Harris could never draw a massive Virginia crowd like Trump can. The momentum is clearly on MAGA’s side, which makes one wonder what election interference scam Democrats will cook up next.

Charles Downs