Following his debate with President Trump on Thursday, Joe Biden will head to the Hamptons to attend a fundraiser hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker. Also, on Joe and Jill Biden’s weekend schedule is an elite New York City LGBTQ+ Gala they will attend with Pete Buttigieg and his husband. The Bidens will also participate in a New Jersey fundraiser with the Garden State’s Governor Phil Murphy. Biden running to the elites for cash while President Trump continues to hold massive rallies in swing states and deep blue areas. Trump is also raising record amounts of small-dollar donations. Trump’s momentum, combined with Biden’s frantic Hollywood fundraising tour, is yet another indication of just how worried the Democrats are about November’s election.

The Bidens began their weekend fundraising with the elites Friday with a New York City LGBTQ+ Gala with Pete Buttigieg and his husband. Given how bad American transportation currently is, it is astonishing that Biden’s campaign believes it is a good idea to appear in public with Buttigieg. Biden’s public appearance with Buttigieg is yet another example proving the Left values identity politics above all else.


Jill Biden will also attend a reception on Friday titled ” Words, Wisdom & Writers.” This is ironic, considering Joe Biden has not offered Americans much wisdom. The event will be held in the elite town of Greenwich Village, New York.


Saturday, the Bidens will be off to the Hamptons to raise money from liberal actors Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick. Retired actor Michael J Fox and his wife are also on the host committee for the Bidens’ Hampton’s event. This marks the second time Biden has come begging the Hollywood elites for cash in less than a month. At a recent Hollywood fundraiser, Obama had to help Biden get off the stage.


Also, on Saturday, the Bidens will attend a fundraiser with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in Red Bank, New Jersey.

ImageJoe Biden’s fundraising blitz tour in New York and New Jersey follows President Trump’s massive rallies in the Bronx and the Jersey Shore. Current polling averages show Trump within striking distance of Biden in Jersey and New York. This, along with Trump’s record-breaking low-dollar donations, is key to why Biden is back begging the elites for more money.

Laura Loomer posted on Biden’s upcoming fundraisers, “PATRIOTS NEEDED IN NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY TO PROTEST JOE AND JILL BIDEN IN NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY THIS WEEKEND! Looks like Biden is very scared about President Trump’s growing momentum in New York and New Jersey.”

As President Trump connects with the American people, Joe Biden keeps hiding from voters, instead choosing to spend his time with his liberal elite friends. This is a significant reason Biden keeps falling behind Trump in the polls and fundraising totals. As Biden continues to cozy up with America’s most powerful, one has to wonder what election interference scam Democrats will cook up next.

Laura Loomer