“So, who is really running America?” This has been a common question throughout Biden’s time in the White House. Bob Bauer and Anita Dunn have been married for over 35 years. During their time together, Bauer and Dunn became the swamp’s power couple, holding massive influence in the Obama and Biden White House. Bauer was Obama’s White House Counsel and Dunn Obama’s White House Communications Advisor. In the Biden White House, Bauer has taken on an outside role, which includes “playing Donald Trump” in Biden’s debate prep, and Dunn is a “Senior Communications Advisor.” Mainstream media outlets, who strongly understand the Biden White House dynamics, previously reported that Dunn and Bauer were the key figures in ensuring Biden was not charged in Robert Hur’s documents investigation. Days after the 2020 election, Biden posted to X that Bauer was the key figure in ensuring states certified the 2020 election results. The facts clearly show that Bauer and Dunn are Biden’s chief instigators.

It is no mystery why Biden chose Bob Bauer to lead his debate prep and “play Trump” to help Biden prepare for Trump in the upcoming debate, as Bauer was the key figure ensuring Biden made it to the White House in the first place. On November 24th, 2020, Biden posted a video to X stating that Bauer was the critical figure ensuring that states certified the 2020 election results and GSA began the “transition” from Trump to Biden.

Biden captioned this video, “Despite overt political pressure from the president, over the last 24 hours, MI, PA, and NV certified their results and the GSA began the transition. Still, President Trump has not conceded. Here’s the latest from my Senior Advisor and former White House Counsel Bob Bauer.”

After Bauer ensured Biden made it into the White House, Bauer and his wife Anita Dunn worked to kill all investigations into Biden. NBC News, which strongly understands the dynamics within the Biden White House, reported, “Since early November, they[Biden and Dunn] have been at the center of Biden’s strategy for handling the discovery of classified documents among his papers from past jobs. That strategy kept the story hidden from the public for more than two months, demonstrating the tension between the areas in which Bauer and Dunn, respectively, are Biden’s most trusted advisers: law and public relations.”

NBC’s report continues reading, “Bauer, along with Richard Sauber and Stuart Delery in the White House counsel’s office, is part of a legal nucleus that has guided the Biden team’s contact with the Justice Department and the National Archives and Records Administration, according to a person familiar with their work. The group of White House aides who were looped in immediately on the discovery was slightly larger and included Dunn, this person said.”

Bauer and Dunn’s “work” with Biden has the blessing of Joe Biden’s boss, Barack Obama, who recently told Americans to buy Bauer’s book, “The Unraveling by Bob Bauer is a deeply thoughtful book that includes reflections on his decades-long career in politics and gives insight into the ways we can work to strengthen our democracy. It couldn’t be a more timely read.”

Bauer and Dunn have been the key figures bailing Biden out from issue after issue. It is clear the “Swamps Power Couple” are the ones behind the destruction of America.

Charles Downs