Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was not living in reality Wednesday when Loomer Unleashed asked the Michigan Rep to comment on the election loss of her fellow squad member Jamaal Bowman. Tlaib refused to answer our questions and then ran into the “Members Only Elevator” to avoid further questioning. Tlaib’s response to our questioning is very hypocritical, considering Tlaib has given a speech on the House Floor that falsely accused Republican members of Congress of being “racist” for voting to censure Rep.Bowman over the New York Congressman’s lawless actions of pulling a fire alarm in the Halls of Congress. Tlaib is just the latest example of the Left refusing to answer basic questions regarding their horrific policies and endorsements of bad politicians.

Rep. Tlaib looked demonic as she attempted to ignore our questioning,Hello, Congresswoman, do you care to comment on Jamaal Bowman’s loss last night? Are you scared your squad is shrinking?

As she refused to answer, Loomer Unleashed said,She is scared because she is not answering. We then asked,One more time, do you want to comment on Jamall Bowman?After our last question attempt, Tlaib ran into theMembers Onlyelevator to avoid further questioning.

Laura Loomer captioned the video,PRO HAMAS CONGRESSWOMAN @RashidaTlaib RASHIDA TLAIB CONFRONTED BY @LoomerUnleashed OVER HER COLLEAGUE @JamaalBowmanNY JAMAAL BOWMAN’S LOSS LAST NIGHT Today, @LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns caught up with rabid Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and we asked her how she feels about the anti-Jewish, pro-Islamic terrorism Squad shrinking. Like Jamaal, Rashida is always talking so much shit on TV, but she was quiet once confronted face to face today. She needs to be removed next and sent to the front lines of GAZA so she can go live with her terrorist friends and not inside the halls of our US Congress where she could possibly be leaking classified information to Islamic terrorists.”

Tlaib’s refusal to comment on Rep. Bowman’s loss is quite hypocritical, considering Tlaib once called House GOP Members “racist” for censuring Bowman over his lawless action of pulling a fire alarm in the Halls of Congress. Tlaib captioned her video of her rant on the House Floor, “This censure of @RepBowman is yet another attempt to silence a person of color in this chamber. They are obsessed with attacking Black and brown members of Congress but do nothing to help our families thrive. They need to get a grip.”

Tlaib’s action on Wednesday fits a pattern that consists of Democrat politicians refusing to answer for their lies and smears against elected Republicans and GOP voters. Elected Democrats like Tlaib will always run and hide when confronted because, deep down, they understand that the facts are not on their side. The Left’s refusal to accept responsibility for anything is yet another reason Americans should vote for President Trump in November, as he is the only one who can drain America’s swamp before it becomes too late.

Charles Downs