Another week of Congress leads to another unhinged rant by California Representative Maxine Waters. Loomer Unleashed asked Rep. Waters Wednesday what evidence she had to make claims on MSNBC that if President Trump wins reelection, millions of people could die. Instead of answering our question, Rep.Waters went on what can best be described as an anti-Trump rant where she accused President Trump of trying to “play the race card.” This is not the first time Rep. Waters has gone on an anti-Trump tirade as the California Rep recently told Loomer Unleashed, “Someone called me who said they were a part of it” in response to being asked to present evidence to back up her claims that Trump supporters are “Training up in the hills.” Rep.Waters is just the latest example of Democrats refusing to accept responsibility for their lies about President Trump and MAGA.

Rep. Waters recently said on MSNBC that millions of people could die if President Donald Trump is reelected, “It is about thousands, maybe millions of people being threatened and being at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to seek revenge on anything and everybody.”

In response to her claims, Loomer Unleashed asked Rep. Waters, ” You said the other day that millions of people would die if Donald Trump was reelected.”

Waters: “What did I say?”

Loomer Unleashed: ” You said millions of people would die if Donald Trump got reelected. What proof do you have to say something like that?”

Waters: “Oh my goodness, who would say anything bad about Trump? No one would say anything bad about Trump. Why do you say bad things about Trump?”

Loomer Unleashed: ” You just can’t say millions of people are going to die. When you say things like that, people get really scared.”

Waters: ” What I said was that Bannon told Trump that the way to win was to play the race card.”

Loomer Unleashed: ” I pulled the clip. You said millions of people would die. So, you did say that video doesn’t lie, Congresswoman.”

Waters, ” No.”

Laura Loomer captioned the video, “Today, @LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns caught up with Democrat, anti-Trump Congresswoman @RepMaxineWaters Maxine Waters and we asked her why she went on @MSNBC last week and said millions of people would be at risk and maybe even die if President Trump got elected again in 2024. When confronted, Maxine went into a bizarre tirade while she was slurring her words and hobbling around the halls of Congress, and she deflected by blaming her comments on War Room host, Steve Bannon… This is member of the US Congress behaving like she has some type of mental disorder….  And people wonder why our country is in shambles.”

Rep. Waters’ actions Wednesday reinforce the typical pattern Democrats turn to when they are asked basic questions about their Trump lies, which is to double down with more lies. It’s no mystery why so many Americans are fed up with the Left’s games and attempted manipulations.

Charles Downs