Highly conflicted Judge Merchan only partially lifted his gag order on Tuesday, allowing President Trump to speak about witnesses Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen. However, Merchan still kept intact the portion of the gag order that bars Trump from talking about Authentic Campaigns, a firm that Judge Merchan’s daughter owns that “works” with Biden’s campaign and top Senate as well as Congressional Democrats like Hakeem Jeffries, Cory Booker, and Dan Goldman. With the first presidential debate scheduled for Thursday, Trump is barred from speaking on the most impactful facts regarding his New York City trial.

On Tuesday, Judge Merchan removed all aspects of the gag order, except the part that still prevents President Trump from speaking about the Merchan family’s “Get Trump” business via Authentic Campaigns. Merchan’s order read, “ORDERED, that Paragraph la) and Paragraph (c) of the Orders Restricting Extrajudicial Statements of the Defenciant are terminated effective tile date of this Decision and Order, and it is further ordered… ORDERED, Paragraph O) “f the Apd 7, 2024, Decision and Order restricting extrajudicial statements of the Defendant shall remain in effect until the imposition of sentence.”

It makes sense why highly conflicted Judge Merchan is determined to stop President Trump from speaking about his daughter’s firm, Authentic Campaigns. According to Authentic’s website, Joe Biden’s campaign is one of Authentic’s “Featured Clients.”

Biden is not the only high-profile Democrat “working” with Authentic Campaigns. Fec Records show that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has sent $1.5 million to Authentic Campaigns. The FEC’s Schedule B shows Jeffries mailed the money to Loren Merchan’s home in Richmond, Virginia.


Authentic Campaigns seem to be a household name among Congressional Democrats. New York Rep. Dan Goldman, an Authentic Campaigns client, informed MSNBC that he “consulted” with Michael Cohen. Goldman faked a phone call when Loomer Unleashed confronted him about this a few weeks ago. We responded to Goldman’s lies, “Oh come on, he advised Michael Cohen in a trial, and he is with Authentic Campaigns. These are important questions. I do not really think he is on the phone, I think he is trying to avoid a question about being Loren Merchan’s client and he advised Michael Cohen and that is very bad for him.”

Authentic Campaigns is also very popular amongst Senate Democrats. On March 30th, 2023, following the announcement of President Trump’s New York City indictment, Authentic Campaigns client Senator Cory Booker posted to X,The News of Trump’s indictment is a testament to one of the most fundamental ideals of our country: no one is above the law— not even Presidents.”

Loomer Unleashed recently asked Booker, “Hey, you remember me. Did Loren Merchan write your tweets for you, considering that you are a client of Authentic Campaigns?Booker ran away following our questioning.

Judge Merchan’s family is taking money from the most powerful Democrats in America. It’s shameful that President Trump will not be allowed to bring this significant fact up at Thursday’s debate.

Charles Downs