Principles First, a 501c4 organization whose mission is to “save democracy” from President Trump and MAGA, will hold “counter-programming” during the RNC Convention in Milwaukee. Proud Never Trumper Heath Mayo founded Principles First, which claims to be “conservative-leaning” because the organization has had speakers Adam Kinzinger and George Conway speak at its events. “Getting Trump” is the Left’s number one obsession. So, it should be no surprise that Democrats are descending onto Milwaukee at the same time as the RNC Convention.

According to Principles First’s website, the Never Trump hate fest will occur on Wednesday, July 17th. Organizers will not release the event address until attendees RSVP. Even more pathetic, Principles First has yet to release their events speakers, writing on their events page, “We will be joined by several featured guests, including national political leaders and local elected officials. The full agenda of topics and speakers will be released here as we get closer to the event.”

This is despite the event only being weeks away. It is clear Leftists do not want Trump supporters attending their event because the last thing the Left wants to do is answer questions on their “Get Trump” witch hunts.

Principles First was founded by Never Trumper Heath Mayo, who once wrote on X,It’s official. To be a good Republican today, you have to support Donald Trump; be against aiding Ukraine; support absurd tariffs; think our courts and elections are rigged; & believe character doesn’t matter. I simply don’t believe in any of that. I am no longer a Republican.”

Principles First claims to be a “conservative organization” because it hosts speakers like Adam Kinzinger. During its February 2024 event, Kinzinger told Heath Mayo, “If it’s Trump against Biden, I’m going to vote for Biden. I can disagree with a lot of stuff, but democracy is truly at stake here.”

Laura Loomer posted on these developments, “A group of Never Trumpers from a group called ‘Principles First’ @Principles_1st founded by @HeathMayo will be coming to Milwaukee for the RNC Convention to try to thwart President Trump. Mayo’s group hosted an anti-CPAC conference in Feb 2024 in Washington, DC that included Never Trumpers George Conway, Brad Raffensperger and Adam Kinzinger.”

Loomer’s post continued reading, “In a Feb 22, 2024 interview with NPR leading up to the Principles First summit, Heath Mayo stated, ‘I think for me, Donald Trump represents an existential threat not just to the Republican Party, but to the constitutional principles that shape our country. So I personally would be voting for Biden.'”

One can not call oneself a Republican or Conservative if one does not support President Trump, the GOP Nominee for President of the United States. Principles First, stalking President Trump to Milwaukee is yet more proof that “Getting Trump” is the Left’s top policy objective. However, if “Getting Trump” is just like the Left claims, then Principles First would not be too afraid to share the location of their event publicly. The reality is that top Democrats understand their “Get Trump” witch hunts are full of lies. That’s why the Left runs and hides every time they are asked a legitimate question.

Charles Downs