As President Trump’s polling numbers continue to rise in Wisconsin, United States Senator Tammy Baldwin, who faces reelection in November, would love it if Wisconsin voters forgot about her “Get Trump” obsessions. Baldwin cheered on the now discredited J6 Committee Hearings on social media, but the Wisconsin Senator was silent during President Trump’s trial in New York City. Baldwin is a client of Judge Merchan’s daughter Loren’s firm, Authentic Campaigns. As Judge Merchan’s conflicts of interests became known to the public, Trump’s poll numbers continued to rise, especially in Wisconsin. Current polling shows Trump leading Biden in Wisconsin by 2-4 points, while polls show Baldwin just ahead or tied with her likely GOP opponent, Eric Hovde. Baldwin knows publicly supporting Trump’s prosecutions is terrible for her politically, but that does not mean she is not pivotal in Biden and Schumer’s “Get Trump” efforts.

Although Senator Baldwin did not publicly cheer on Judge Merchan’s rigged trial, she was doing plenty of work behind the scenes. FEC records show that Tammy Baldwin for Senate has paid Judge Merchan’s daughter’s firm, Authentic Campaigns, over $1 million since 2023.

Authentic Campaigns has also received payments from Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC, which has paid Merchan’s company $1,657,079 this year alone. According to their 2023-2024 expenditure forms, Authentic Campaigns is one of the top three vendors for the Democrat Senate Majority PAC.  Schumer uses Senate Majority Pac to fund Senate Democrats like Baldwin, who face tough elections.

However, Baldwin has been very vocal about her “Get Trump” efforts in the past. Baldwin once called for President Trump to be removed in the middle of his term, posting, “We’ve seen what President Trump has done with just a short time left in office. We need to not only hold him accountable for what he has done, but we also need to remove him from office ASAP.”

Baldwin is also thankful for the now discredited J6 Committee posting, “I am grateful for the bipartisan @January6thCmte‘s work showing the American people how Trump’s Big Lie incited a deadly insurrection & undermined our trusted democratic process for generations to come. We must hold those responsible accountable.”

Baldwin looks deranged by supporting the J6 Committee’s findings because the J6 Committee deleted their communications and refused to hand them over to House Oversight. J6 Committee Man Jamie Raskin recently called Loomer Unleashed “delusional” after we asked him “did you not hand over your deleted communications because there were more tapes like Nancy Pelosi’s saying J6 was her fault? Is that why you won’t hand them over? You don’t want the American public to see the truth?”

Last week, Jamie Raskin became unhinged when we asked,“President Trump spoke about the J6 Committee deleting their communications. You say you guys did not do that, but he says you did in order to hide exculpatory evidence. Do you want to comment on that”

Raskin: ” You better get back to work.”

Loomer Unleashed: “My work is figuring out where these deleted communications went, Congressman. Where did they go?”

Raskin, ” How do you feel about violent insurrection and beating up cops?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Isn’t that a lie? You guys made that up. Police officers really did not die on J6. Why do you guys lie so much? Do you care to comment?”

Tammy Baldwin can pretend she did not directly contribute to President Trump’s political prosecutions. Still, facts show Baldwin is just as committed to “Getting Trump” as Biden and Schumer.

Charles Downs