The Left’s “mostly peaceful” protest season is in full swing as Joe Biden’s Hamas and Antifa allies recently announced that they plan on “shutting down” the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. Biden’s DOJ has allowed pro-Hamas rioters to hold America’s cities hostage because Biden will lose November’s election if the majority Muslim areas of Minnesota and Michigan do not come out and vote for him. Loomer Unleashed captured exclusive video of Hamas rioters vandalizing monuments outside of the White House. In Joe Biden’s America, Democrat voters receive pass after pass while President Trump and his supporters are subjected to witch hunts.

A flyer released by the Palestinian Action US, a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group calling on Hamas rioters to shut down the first Presidential debate between President Trump and Biden, reads, “In opposition to the ongoing genocide in Palestine and the construction of Cop City in Atlanta, we will disrupt the debate of the most unpopular presidential election in living memory.”



The “Cop City” segment of Palestinian Action US’s statement above is essential as Antifa rioters have been rioting in Atlanta since 2020 to stop Atlanta Police from building a new training center. Antifa has referred to the training center as “Cop City.” In January of 2023, while attempting to “stop Cop City,” Antifa led a full-on assault in downtown Atlanta, causing Governor Kemp to declare a state of emergency and leading to National Guard troops being deployed on Atlanta’s streets. It is now clear that Antifa and Hamas have teamed up to help Joe Biden “win” in November.

Laura Loomer posted on Palestinian Action US’s threats, “Let’s be very clear. These are jihadists who want to disrupt the election for law abiding US citizens and now these jihadists are targeting Presidential candidates. These are not peaceful people, many of their members have expressed open support for Islamic terrorists, and their members should be inserted into terrorist watch lists. The “pro-Palestinian” movement is a terrorist movement and it has no place in the United States.”

Joe Biden’s DOJ has allowed Hamas rioters to take American cities hostage because Joe Biden can’t win in November without the Muslim areas of Minnesota and Michigan voting for him. Earlier this month, Loomer Unleashed captured exclusive footage of Hamas rioters vandalizing monuments outside of the White House at Lafayette Square.

In 2020, the Left’s rioters also met at Lafayette Square tofight racism.2020’s mostly peaceful protest at Lafayette Square led to the burning of St. John’s Church and President Trump to enforce an executive order that enhanced penalties for those guilty of destroying America’s monuments. 

As President Trump continues to rise in the polls, the Left will become more desperate to hang onto power. Democrats using Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups and Antifa to interfere in November’s election by causing and threatening violence shows how scared and desperate the Left truly is. It’s disgusting that Biden is willing to sacrifice America’s national security in an attempt to grasp power. This should be all the more reason for Americans to get out and vote for President Trump.

Charles Downs