President Trump held another successful rally in a swing state on Tuesday, visiting Racine, Wisconsin. Trump’s crowd, which was massive and full of high energy, followed previous patterns from other battleground state rallies. Trump reiterated his promises of crushing Biden Inflation, securing America’s borders, and preventing World War 3. Trump also spoke about the J6 Committee deleting their communications to “Get Trump,” as the deleted communications proved Trump’s innocence. Loomer Unleashed recently asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin if the J6 Committee deleted their communications because there were more videos, like the recent one released of Nancy Pelosi taking “responsibility” for J6. Raskin called us “delusional” for asking him that question. Tuesday was another example of President Trump speaking directly to the people while Biden hid from the public.

Huge lines formed hours before President Trump spoke in Racine, Wisconsin. Trump drawing a large, energetic crowd on a Tuesday afternoon is a massive success. If Trump handily carries the Racine area, he will likely win the pivotal battleground state of Wisconsin.

During his speech, President Trump spoke of the J6 Committee deleting their communications because the deleted evidence exonerated him, like last week’s newly released Pelosi video, in which Pelosi took responsibility for J6.

Loomer Unleashed recently asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin, “Real quick, did you not hand over your deleted communications because there were more tapes like Nancy Pelosi’s saying J6 was her fault? Is that why you won’t hand them over? You don’t want the American public to see the truth?”

Raskin, “No.. You are delusional. So good luck with all of your problems.”

Loomer Unleashed, “I don’t have any problems, sir. You are the one with problems. “

Raskin, “Go back to your job.”

Loomer Unleashed: “My job is trying to figure out where those deleted J6 Communications went. There is a video of Nancy Pelosi saying J6 was all her fault. The video does not lie, Congressman.”

President Trump also spoke about the cocaine in the White House, saying, “Somebody didn’t pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars of cocaine from the White House. I wonder who that could have been?”

Loomer Unleashed asked Hunter Biden if the cocaine found in the White House was his. Hunter did not respond to our questions.

President Trump wrapped up his rally with an important message saying,So if you want to Save America, go to http://SwampTheVoteUSA.com to make a plan to VOTE—either by mail, early in person, or on Election Day.  If you want to volunteer to help us turn out voters in your neighborhood, sign up to get trained at http://TrumpForce47.com!”

Tuesday was yet another example of two campaigns going in separate directions. President Trump is speaking, meeting, and connecting with voters from crucial battleground states, winning them over with common sense policies of secure borders, low inflation, and preventing World War 3. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is hiding with the elites in Hollywood or Deleware. It’s clear who has the momentum and the people on their side.

Charles Downs