As President Trump’s polling numbers continue to rise in Arizona, United States Senate candidate Ruben Gallego would love it if Arizona voters forgot about his “Get Trump” obsessions. Unfortunately for Ruben Gallego, the internet is forever. During the J6 Hearings, Gallego repeatedly encouraged AG Garland to indict President Trump and his supporters. It should come as no surprise that Alex Soros, the son of George Soros and one of the key architects in the Left’s “Get Trump” movement, is a heavy donor to Gallego and recently threw him a fundraiser. Alex Soros has demanded Democrat elected officials to refer to Trump as a “convicted felon.” The facts are clear. Gallego is no “moderate.” Gallego is just as deranged and committed to “Getting Trump” as Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

In March of 2022, Gallego called for AG Garland to indict President Trump, posting to X, “I’ve long said Attorney General Garland needs to act more swiftly and decisively to hold those responsible for Jan. 6 accountable. Every day the Justice Department delays is another day Trump and his cronies escape justice.”

Gallego again called for President Trump to be arrested, using testimony from the now discredited J6 Committee to do so, writing,Today’s @January6thCmte testimony should disturb every American. There is no doubt what happened that day was an attempted coup. Trump, Meadows, and their co-conspirators must be held accountable for trying to overthrow democracy.”

Gallego looks deranged by using the J6 Committee as reasoning to charge President Trump with crimes because the J6 Committee deleted their communications and refused to hand them over to House Oversight. J6 Committee Man Jamie Raskin recently called Loomer Unleashed “delusional” after we asked him if the J6 Committee deleted their communications because the evidence provided President Trump’s innocence.

Gallego’s obsession with “Getting Trump” should come as no surprise. FEC records show that Alex Soros and his family member Jonathan Soros have donated seven times to Ruben Gallego for Arizona since 2023.

Alex Soros is heavily invested in Gallego. Soros recently posted on Instagram that he hosted a fundraiser for Gallego in New York City. Soros shared a picture of him and Gallego overlooking the New York City skyline, captioning the moment, “Kicking off campaign season with my co-host @lin_manuel for congressman @reprubengallego’s senate run in Arizona. Ruben has an impressive life story and the stakes of this year’s election couldn’t be higher, they’re existential.”

Following Trump’s “guilty” verdict at the hands of highly conflicted Judge Merchan, Soros demanded that elected, “Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity. Repetition is the key to a successful message and we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon for the most important job in the country!”

Ruben Gallego can act as “moderate” as he wants. But the facts make clear that Gallego is just as obsessed with “Getting Trump” as Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden. Remember, there are no “moderate” Democrats in Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden’s United States Senate.

Charles Downs