One of the first “Get Trumpers” is attempting to make a return to American politics. Eugene Vindman will try on Tuesday to win the Virginia Democrat’s 7th Congressional Primary. Virginia 7th’s current Democrat representative, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, is not seeking reelection as she is running for Governor in 2025. Eugene Vindman and his brother Alex Vindman were then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “star witnesses” in the first impeachment trial against President Trump. Unsurprisingly, Vindman’s congressional campaign is about “Getting” and “Stopping” Trump. Top “Get Trumpers” are excited about Vindman’s likely entrance into Congress as Adam Schiff has launched a joint fundraising operation with Vindman. Vindman’s candidacy is just more evidence that “Getting Trump” is the Left’s top policy objective.

Vindman is running on a strictly “Get Trump” platform. In the video pinned to the top of his X account, Vindman says, “I am Eugene Vindman. I sacrificed my military career to expose Trump’s corruption.”

Vindman’s video caption reads, “I’m Eugene Vindman. I reported Donald Trump’s corruption, and it cost me my military career. Now, I am running for Congress to stop MAGA extremists from banning books, abortion, and IVF. I will always do what’s right, no matter the cost. Please share our new TV ad!”

Vindman seems to be forgetting the critical fact that even the Ukrainian Government admitted that they did not believe that Trump was attempting to extort them for political dirt on Biden, as Vindman falsely states.

It should come as no surprise that facts do not matter to the mainstream media. A visit to Vindman’s website has the Washington Post’s endorsement pasted front and center. Also front and center is Vindman’s statement referring to President Trump and his supporters as threats to democracy, with his statement reading, “I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s Seventh District to protect our democracy, restore our freedoms, and fight for all of our communities to thrive. America must remain a refuge for families like mine, where hard work matters, truth prevails, rights are protected, and we are all free to be who we are and pursue our dreams in this land of opportunity.”

On his issues page, Vindman again references sacrificing his military career to stop Trump, the “authoritarian.” Vindman’s issue page statement reads, “We knew we were sacrificing our military career but we knew it was the right thing to do. Preserving Democracy in the face of Authoritarian leadership whether at home or abroad. Whether it’s Donald Trump using the office of the presidency for political retaliation or Vladimir Putin’s illegal war that he’s waging in Ukraine, I will always stand for the people and stand for Democracy.”

Vindman’s “Get Trump” platform has many top “Get Trumpers” on the Hill excited as FEC records show that Adam Schiff and Vindman have launched a joint fundraising PAC called the “SCHIFF VINDMAN VICTORY FUND.”

The Left choosing to catapult Eugene Vindman back into political importance proves yet again that “Getting Trump” is the only policy Democrats care about.

Charles Downs