President Trump is working overtime to push his candidates across the finish line in Virginia’s critical races taking place during Tuesday’s GOP Primary. Trump spent Monday evening hosting a tele town hall for Virginia’s 5th Congressional Candidate, John McGuire, a Virginia State Senator. McGuire is facing incumbent Bob Good, who President Trump said “has not been good” during Monday’s tele town hall. Just before his tele town hall, President Trump reiterated his endorsement for Hung Cao in Virginia GOP’s U.S. Senate Primary. As polling shows, President Trump and Joe Biden are neck and neck in Virginia; Virginia’s GOP voters must ensure President Trump’s down-ballot picks win big on Tuesday.

As the tele town hall began, Virginia 5th Congressional Candidate John McGuire spoke excitedly as he introduced President Trump to Virginia 5th voters. During his introduction, McGuire talked about how President Trump has accomplished more than “any other President in my lifetime.” McGuire, who also served in America’s military, highlighted President Trump’s promises to end forever wars and bring peace in the Middle East.

President Trump joined the tele town hall, saying,” I want to say hello to everyone in Virginia. Every patriot in VA-05 must get out and vote to make John McGuire your next Congressman. ”

Trump then spoke about McGuire’s opponent, saying, “Bob Good has not been good. He has fought us on so many things that would have been good. He has stabbed me in the back so many times. He was against me for numerous years, but after I won the primary, he acted like a big fan. But that is not good enough.” Trump went on to say, ” Bob Good has been a disaster.”

On Thursday, Laura Loomer explained in detail one of the numerous times Rep.Good has stabbed President Trump and MAGA in the back,Bob Good @RepBobGood is really regretting his decisions. Today, when discussing his plans to participate in tele-town halls during campaign season with House Republicans, President Trump said:There’s a couple in this room who aren’t so happy with that statement.President Trump is holding a tele-town hall with John McGuire @JohnMcGuire4VAon Monday, June 17th, just one day before the June 18th Virginia GOP primary. This is why Bob Good never should have ever endorsed @RonDeSantis. Everyone who supported @RonDeSantis over Trump is going to face consequences. Hope it was worth it.”

President Trump then spoke about Biden’s open border disaster, inflation, Afghanistan, and Hamas’ attack on Israel. Trump stated that none of these things “would have happened under me.” Trump then talked about cleaning up Biden’s big mess. Trump stated that he could count on John McGuire’s vote in Congress to help him Make America Great Again and fix Biden’s multiple disasters.

President Trump wrapped up the event by saying he believes “we will win Virginia” in November.

Just before the tele town hall, Trump reiterated his endorsement for Virginia United States Senate Candidate Hung Cao, posting, “Hung Cao has my Complete and Total Endorsement – HE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN, AND WE WILL, AT THE SAME TIME, GET RID OF THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY, CROOKED JOE BIDEN. VIRGINIA, GET OUT AND VOTE FOR HUNG CAO TOMORROW!”

With Virginia in play for November’s election, President Trump must have a Virginia down-ballot ticket stacked with his picks. Virginia voters must deliver President Trump a massive victory on Tuesday.

Charles Downs