Montana United States Senator Jon Tester, who faces reelection in November, is attempting to sell Montana voters the lie that he is a “moderate.” This is because President Trump is very popular in Montana, as polls show Trump beating Biden by 21 points. However, Tester is just as committed to “Getting Trump” as Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are. Tester voted twice to convict Trump on then-Speaker Pelosi’s drummed-up impeachment charges. Worse, Tester is a client of Judge Merchan’s daughter’s firm, Authentic Campaigns. When confronted by Loomer Unleashed, Tester refused to apologize for paying the Merchan family, individuals directly responsible for President Trump’s rigged trial. Jon Tester proves that there is no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat in the United States Senate.

Senator Tester voted to convict President Trump on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drummed-up impeachment charges. Following his vote, Tester released a statement full of lies, including that J6 almost destroyed American democracy, “I took my duty to serve as an impartial juror seriously and listened to the evidence presented by the prosecution and defense. Ultimately the House Managers presented a clear, evidence-based case that proved to a majority of my Republican and Democratic colleagues that former President Trump incited a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th that came within a hundred feet of destroying our democracy.”

Tester’s statement continues reading, ” I joined with this group from both parties to defend our Constitution by holding the former president accountable to the rule of law, and sending a powerful signal that politicians must be held accountable if we want our democracy to survive.”

Tester also voted to convict President Trump on Speaker Pelosi’s first impeachment trial. In his statement, Tester said he believed Trump withheld military aid despite even Ukraine’s government stating they don’t believe withholding military aid to investigate Hunter Biden was President Trump’s intent.

Tester’s statement reads, “Based on the evidence that was available to me during this trial, I believe President Trump abused his power by withholding military aid from an ally for personal political gain and that he obstructed legitimate oversight by a coequal branch of government. It’s a sad day for this country and for all Americans who believe that no one—not even the President of the United States—is above the law.”

Senator Tester also participated in the Left’s latest “Get Trump” scam. FEC records show that Montanans for Tester has given Authentic Campaigns over $2 million since 2023.

Loomer Unleashed recently asked Tester, “Good morning, Senator Tester. Will you apologize to the people of Montana for using Authentic Campaigns, Loren Merchan’s firm, which Judge Merchan’s daughter owns? President Trump is really popular in Montana and I don’t think they like you using people who support rigged trials.”

Tester replied, mumbling something under his breath that sounded like, “Excuse me, I got to walk up behind you.”

Laura Loomer captioned the video, “@TheCharlesDowns caught up with Montana’s Democrat Senator @jontester and asked him if he would apologize to the people of Montana for hiring Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company ‘Authentic Campaigns‘ to manage his Senate Race. Loren Merchan is getting rich off of ‘getting Trump.‘ As I have exclusively reported, Tester has paid Loren Merchan and her company MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, per FEC filings. President Trump is very popular in #Montana. Do you think the people of Montana would be happy to know that Senator Tester is in business with people who approve of rigging Trump’s trial? I don’t think.”

Senator Tester’s refusal to disavow the Merchan family, who are responsible for President Trump’s rigged trial, is proof that moderate Democrat United States Senators do not exist. The people of Montana must send Chuck Schumer a loud and clear message by handily defeating Jon Tester in November.

Charles Downs