It’s very fitting that President Trump’s birthday falls on Flag Day. In honor of America’s greatest President’s birthday, we thought it would be important to take a look back at MAGA’s historic year, featuring President Trump becoming the first President in American history to be indicted by his political opponent, Trump’s rigged trial, his historic Iowa win, and his triumphant return to Capitol Hill, all this as Trump’s poll numbers continue to surge upwards. Going forward, Trump and his supporters have one more opportunity to Save America. It’s essential that all put as much effort into November’s election as possible, so celebrating Trump’s reelection victory will be on the agenda for next year’s birthday.

Last summer, Jack Smith, whom Joe Biden’s DOJ appointed, twice indicted Biden’s leading political opponent on classified documents and J6 charges. The classified documents charges Trump faces are lawless and hypocritical because, unlike President Trump, who had the power to declassify, Joe Biden mishandled classified information during his time as Vice President. Biden did not face charges because Special Prosecutor Robert Hurr did not believe Biden had the mental capacity to stand trial. Hurr refused to answer Loomer Unleashed when we asked him if he thought Biden had the mental capacity to be POTUS.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis joined Jack Smith, indicting President Trump on charges related to J6. Willis and Smith’s J6 charges are arguably more hypocritical than the documents charges as Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and the J6 Committee have yet to hand over their deleted communications requested by the House Oversight Committee. Willis ran away from Laura Loomer in Miami following questions on this matter.

J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin became enraged towards Loomer Unleashed multiple times when we asked him why the Committee had not handed over their deleted communications to House Oversight. Raskin and Willis do not want to answer our vital questions because the deleted communications prove President Trump’s innocence.

The Left’s lawless clown show against President Trump continued as Trump’s New York City trial started in April. Laura Loomer was the first to report that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whosefeatured clientis the Biden-Harris Campaign.

Judge Merchan’s conflicts of interest grew. Authentic Campaigns Client, New York Rep. Dan Goldman, shamelessly pulled off running and lying as he faked a phone call when Loomer Unleashed asked him about his campaign’s payments to Authentic Campaigns andconsultationwith Michael Cohen before he testified in President Trump’s New York City trial. 

President Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise as the American people see right through the Left’s election interference scams. Thursday, Trump returned to Congress triumphantly and was greeted by lawmakers and massive crowds of people.

President Trump and MAGA have all the momentum, but we must finish the job. All Trump supporters must put maximum effort in between now and November to ensure that next year, we celebrate President Trump’s reelection victory on his birthday.

Charles Downs