Large crowds, along with GOP House and Senate Members, greeted President Trump Thursday as America’s President returned to Capitol Hill. Trump attended meetings with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club, Senate Republicans at NRSC’s Headquarters and America’s business leaders, including Jamie Dimon (JPM), Jane Fraser (Citi), Brian Moynihan (BofA), Tim Cook (Apple), Charlie Scharf (Wells Fargo), Joe Bae (KKR) and Adena Friedman (Nasdaq) at the Business Roundtable Forum held around a mile from Capitol Hill. Loomer Unleashed was on the scene to document President Trump’s historic return.

8:00 AM:

A growing crowd of media and Trump supporters is forming outside the Capitol Hill Club, where President Trump will arrive at around 9:30 AM to meet with lawmakers.

9:06 AM:

Laura Loomer posts to X,WATCH: President Trump’s campaign senior advisor @JasonMillerinDC and Trump’s Comms Director @TheStevenCheung just arrived to the Capitol Hill Club in DC where President Trump will be meeting with members of @HouseGOP this morning. Walking behind them like a hanger on is Trump hater Rep. @RepThomasMassie, who has still not endorsed President Trump. @LoomerUnleashed is on the scene.”

9:16 AM:

Anti-Trump protesters arrive at the Capitol Hill Club. One of the protesters in attendance is the same person who attempted to kiss Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs’ ear at Steve Bannon’s press conference last week, raising questions as to who exactly is paying these Leftist “advocates.”

9:46 AM:

President Trump arrives at the Capitol Hill Club to meet with lawmakers. A massive crowd forms outside the venue as Americans hope to get a glimpse of their favorite President.

10:12 AM:

Laura Loomer posts to X, “From inside the meeting with @HouseGOP members this morning, President Trump attacked Biden DOJ as “dirty” and questioned Taylor Swift’s support for Biden. Trump said, ‘He doesn’t even know how to get off a stage.'”

10:54: AM:

President Trump left his meeting with House GOP Members. He put his fist in the air as he entered his black SUV. Americans excitedly cheered on Trump’s motorcade as he left the Capitol Hill Club. It was a historic sight to behold.

11:58 AM:

President Trump attends the Business Roundtable Forum. Those in the meeting include Jamie Dimon (JPM), Jane Fraser (Citi), Brian Moynihan (BofA), Tim Cook (Apple), Charlie Scharf (Wells Fargo), Joe Bae (KKR) and Adena Friedman (Nasdaq).

1:01 PM:

The Trump Campaign responded to the false report that Trump called Milwaukee a horrible city during his morning meeting with House Republicans.

1:48 PM:

President Trump held a press conference following his meeting with Senate Republicans. Trump said Republicans are unified. It’s important to note that JD Vance, a reported finalist for Trump’s VP, stood right behind Trump as he spoke.

1:58 PM:

Following his press conference, Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs captures footage of President Trump walking around outside of the NRSC. Trump is cheered as he walks the streets of D.C.

2:41 PM:

President Trump again leaves the NRSC building to cheers. Trump says, “Thank you,” as he gets into his black SUV after a successful day of meetings on Capitol Hill.

President Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill brought a return of energy and excitement to the swamp, which was remarkable to witness. Thursday proved that President Trump has the power to Make America Great Again.

Charles Downs