Rep. Eric Swalwell ran scared from Loomer Unleashed Wednesday when we followed up with him on a question regarding his efforts to kick President Trump off the ballot via legislation he is working on with Jamie Raskin. Swalwell and Raskin’s legislation could be enacted after the election via Congress declaring Trump an “insurrectionist” and therefore refusing to count any of Trump’s electoral votes on January 6th, 2025. Democrats always run or lie when they are asked serious questions about their “Get Trump” scams.

Rep. Swalwell ran like a coward in the Halls of Congress after we asked him,How is it going, Congressman Swalwell? You were too scared to talk to me last time. But I will ask you this question again: How can Congressional Democrats claim to be saving Democracy when you are working on a bill with Jamie Raskin that would kick Trump off the ballot?”

Laura Loomer captioned the video,Today @LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns caught up with Democrat Congressman @RepSwalwell Eric Swalwell and we asked him,how can Congressional Democrats claim to besaving Democracywhen you’re working with @RepRaskin Jamie Raskin on a bill to kick President Trump off the ballot?Talk about HYPOCRISY! Notice how Eric has a big mouth on TV but he’s silent when he’s confronted to his face.”

Swalwell recently ran away from us after we asked, “Congressman, can I ask you a quick question.”

Swalwell replied, “No, sorry, I am busy.”

Refusing to take no for an answer, Loomer Unleashed asked Swalwell, “Congressman, How Can Democrats Be Protecting Democracy When You Want To Kick President Trump Off The Ballot?”

Seething in anger over the Supreme Court ruling that kept President Trump on the ballot, Jamie Raskin told CNN, “Eric Swalwell, my colleagues and I are working to revive legislation, which we had, to set up a process by which we could determine that someone who committed an insurrection is disqualified by section 3 of the 14th Amendment.”

In theory, Raskin and Swalwell’s legislation to kick Trump off the ballot could be enacted after the election. The new Congress will be sworn in on January 3rd, 2025, following November’s election results. If President Trump beats Biden but Democrats take the House and hold the Senate, Raskin and Swalwell could introduce a bill declaring Trump an “insurrectionist.” If passed and signed by Joe Biden before January 6th, 2025, Congress could refuse to count Trump’s electoral votes on January 6th.

Elected Democrats are always eager to speak about their “get Trump “witch hunts on CNN and MSNBC. But when Democrats are presented with facts and questions about their Trump investigations or trials, they always run or lie. If the Left’s “get Trump “campaign is “just ” like the Left claims it is, then why can’t top-ranking Congressional Democrats answer the most basic questions? The answer to this question is obvious: Democrats in power know their Trump witch hunts are not based on reality.


Charles Downs