Governors Brian Kemp (Georgia), Greg Gianforte (Montana), Jim Pillen (Nebraska), Mike DeWine (Ohio), Spencer Cox (Utah), and Mark Gordon (Wyoming) are the six GOP Governors who have yet to endorse the GOP Nominee for President. Some of the names on this list are unsurprising. Spencer Cox supports Mitt Romney and criticized President Trump’s 2020 election integrity efforts. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was a radical masker during Covid. Worse, Trump endorsed DeWine for reelection in 2022, but DeWine can’t seem to show the same grace towards Trump. These governors should endorse President Trump soon because some questions may be coming their way if they don’t.

Laura Loomer posted to X, “Here is the list of the 6 GOP Governors who have still not endorsed President Trump for President. Brian Kemp (Georgia) Greg Gianforte (Montana) Jim Pillen (Nebraska) Mike Dewine (Ohio) Spencer Cox (Utah) Mark Gordon (Wyoming) They do not deserve re-election if they do not endorse President Trump. These are enemies among us.”

It is not surprising that Utah Governor Spencer Cox has yet to endorse President Trump. After proud never Trumper Mitt Romney announced he was retiring from the United States Senate, Cox wrote on X, “Thank you, Senator Romney, for a lifetime of service to our state and country.”

President Trump is very popular in Utah. Most Utah voters do not consider Romney’s guilty vote in Nancy Pelosi’s backed impeachment inquiry against President Trump service to the people of Utah.

Governor Cox also criticized President Trump’s 2020 election integrity efforts, “I am deeply troubled at the general acceptance of unproven allegations that undermine our electoral system. It’s happening today w my party and it happened in 2016 when 67% of Dems believed that Russia tampered w vote tallies to elect Trump. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.”

Brian Kemp is another GOP Governor who has yet to endorse President Trump and fought to undermine his 2020 election integrity efforts. Kemp also faced large criticism for allowing Fulton County DA Fani Willis to conduct a witch hunt against President Trump and his supporters.

Then there is Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. During COVID-19, DeWine was a radical masker and lockdown freak, implementing some of the strongest COVID protocols in the country. In 2022, President Trump endorsed DeWine, and he sailed to reelection. In 2016 and 2020, President Trump won Ohio by over 5 points each time. This is impressive, considering Ohio used to be a key swing state. Trump is very popular in Ohio. Polls show that Trump is expected to easily win the state in 2024. Sadly, Ohio’s Governor can’t join the people of Ohio in supporting the GOP Nominee.

Joe Biden’s weaponized government, leading to unprecedented election interference, means that all elected GOP officials must stand behind President Trump. It’s shameful that six GOP Governors are too cowardly to stand with America’s president as the rule of law is teetering in the balance. Hopefully, these six GOP governors will endorse President Trump soon. If they don’t, some crucial questions could be heading their way.

Charles Downs