Laura Loomer received a letter Tuesday from Rep. Jim Banks warning her that she has been placed on the Data Journalism Agency’s, also known as TEXTY, enemies list. Others in TEXTY’s enemies list include President Trump, David Sacks, Rep. Cory Mills, Rep. Jim Banks, Rep. Nancy Mace, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Mike Collins, Senator JD Vance, Senator Ted Cruz, and Tulsi Gabbard. Making this enemies list even more concerning is that the Ukrainian web publication Data Journalism Agency is funded by the United States government, meaning Joe Biden is creating an enemies list comprised of his political opposition.

The letter addressed to Laura Loomer from Rep. Banks reads,Dear Mrs. Loomer, I’m writing to inform you that your name appears on a list of individuals and groupsin the U.S. impeding aid to Ukrainepublished by a Ukrainian non-governmental organization (NGO) called the Data Journalism Agency (TEXTY), which has worked with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID. As you may be aware, other Ukrainian NGOs have published similar lists, which have published the personal information of those named in apparent attempts to intimidate them.”

The letter continues,I have enclosed a copy of a letter that I sent to Appropriations Committee Chairman Cole as well as State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Mario Diaz Balart, urging them to stop the State Department and USAID from partnering with any actors overseas who encourage the harassment of Americans. The Appropriations Committee’s markup of its bill to fund the State Department and USAID during Fiscal Year 2025 is scheduled to take place I appreciate your attention to this serious matter.”


After receiving the letter, Laura Loomer posted, “I just received this letter from US Congressman @Jim_Banks notifying me that my name appears on a “list of individuals in the US impeding aid to Ukraine” that was published by a Ukrainian NGO called the Data Journalism Agency @Textyorgua_Eng, which works with the US State Department @StateDept and @USAID.”

Loomer continued, “This letter is very relevant given that the Appropriations Committee’s markup of its bill to fund the State Department and USAID during the Fiscal Year 2025 is scheduled to take place TOMORROW, June 12, 2024. Thank you, Congressman Banks!”

Data Journalism Agency made a big mistake by putting Laura Loomer on their enemies list. After learning she was on the enemies list, Loomer reported, ” Here are the names and X accounts of the foreigners responsible for the ‘enemy list‘ created by Ukrainians whose agency received funding from the US government. You can see @gadzynska take credit for this @Textyorgua_Eng project in a Tweet I screenshotted and posted below.  @Textyorgua_Eng received funding from the US government. Now they have made “enemy lists” of American citizens with our taxpayer $. “Enemies” are people with political power and influence in the US who oppose sending more US tax money and weapons to Ukraine. Journalist: Inna Gadzynska @gadzynska Data Collection: Volodymyr Lytvynov, Serhii Mikhalkov, Mykhailo Tymoshenko Design: Nadja Kelm.”


Globalists are using the war in Ukraine to further their agenda of censorship. The House GOP must block all future funding as it’s becoming clear that this war does not back America’s interests and ideas.

Charles Downs