New J6 footage released Monday by the House GOP Oversight Subcommittee Chaired by Rep. Barry Loudermilk shows then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for the National Guard not being active on January 6th. Pelosi made this admission to her Chief of Staff, Terri McCullough, while they were being driven around D.C. on January 6th, 2021. Many people, including various members of Congress, are questioning why the J6 Committee did not release this video to the public. This is the latest of a long list of embarrassments the J6 Committee has recently experienced. Loomer Unleashed has questioned J6 Committee Ranking Member Bennie Thompson and Committee Member Jamie Raskin on why they have not fulfilled the House Oversight Committee requests to submit their deleted J6 communications. Raskin and Thompson’s response to our questions included running or lying. Maybe Raskin and Thompson know there is exculpatory evidence proving President Trump right in their deleted communications, which is why the J6 Committee refuses to comply with Congressional Requests. This is more proof that the Left’s “Get Trump” scams are nothing but lies and smears.

The House GOP Oversight Subcommittee captioned Monday’s new J6 video of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking “responsibility” for the events of J6, “And yet somehow you forgot to mention Pelosi taking responsibility for the National Guard not being ready.”

In response to the video, the House GOP Oversight Subcommittee Chair, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, wrote on X, “Pelosi’s J6 Select Committee spent taxpayer’s money chasing false political narratives and using Hollywood producers for their’ investigation.’ Her admission of responsibility directly contradicts their own narrative.”

Interestingly, the J6 Committee has refused to comply with the House Oversight Committee’s request to submit their deleted communications. Loomer Unleashed recently asked J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “So why hasn’t the J6 Committee followed through and handed over the deleted communications with Fani Willis?”

In an attempt to play dumb, Thompson said, “Who?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Fani Willis, y’all deleted your communications, and the House Oversight has asked for the communications, and you have not provided it to them yet.”

Thompson then lied, saying, “Well, as far as I know, everything has been provided.”

We responded, “Well, there are letters that say otherwise.”

J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin became unhinged when we asked,“President Trump spoke about the J6 Committee deleting their communications. You say you guys did not do that, but he says you did in order to hide exculpatory evidence. Do you want to comment on that”

Raskin: ” You better get back to work.”

Loomer Unleashed: “My work is figuring out where these deleted communications went, Congressman. Where did they go?”

Raskin, ” How do you feel about violent insurrection and beating up cops?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Isn’t that a lie? You guys made that up. Police officers really did not die on J6. Why do you guys lie so much? Do you care to comment?”

President Trump is right. The J6 Committee will not hand over their deleted communications because they exonerate him. That is why members of the J6 Committee become so unhinged when asked about it. Don’t be surprised if Loomer Unleashed has some follow-up questions for Rep.Raskin soon.

Charles Downs