Fox News copied us again, this time Monday when the network ran a segment on Biden’s open borders with a headline reading “Migrants Admit To Fox I Love Biden.” On February 26th, during her trip to the Darién Gap, Laura Loomer interviewed an illegal immigrant bound for the United States who said, ” I love Biden” due to Biden’s White House’s open border policies. Fox News loves to claim that they are leading the way with their border coverage, but the reality is that they are months behind the leading story.

In response to Fox News copying us word for word, Laura Loomer wrote Monday,Wow. Another day, another @FoxNews reporter copying me and my work after I went to the Darien Gap.  Funny how Fox only started asking the invaders about Biden after my videos went viral. Everyone can see the change in Fox’s coverage after I set the standard in Darien Gap.  Just goes to show you how much more effective I am than Fox News. They have to copy my exact videos nearly 5 months after the fact.”

Laura Loomer’s video caption from her February 26th reporting reads, “WATCH: In Darien Gap, “migrants” from Venezuela told me they “Love Joe Biden”. They even made heart shapes with their hands and said “Biden I love you”. They said they like Biden because he’s going to give migrants lots of help and he’s for open borders (Fronteras abiertos).”

On February 21st, Laura Loomer interviewed illegals bound for the United States from Venezuelan and Afghanistan, with her caption reading,When I asked one of the Venezuelans if he liked @JoeBiden , he said yes, and said he likes Joe Biden and his policies because Biden supports the illegal immigrants and open borders. I was communicating with the Venezuelan invaders in Spanish. The last invader seen in this video said he likes Biden because Biden is for illegals.  This is a full blown INVASION.  The Islamic men openly admitted to me that they are coming to the US and Canada toescape the Taliban.  What does that even mean? Are they on the run? Are they former Taliban? Are they telling the truth? There is no way to vet these people.  It’s only a matter of time before we have another 9/11 style terrorist attack in our country.”

On February 23rd, Laura Loomer reported,While I was inside the Bajo Chiquito migrant camp in Darien Gap, Panama, I took one of the boats used to transport invaders down the river to document all of the invaders arriving on boats from the jungle. Many of the invaders I saw were from Venezuela. They told meWe love @JoeBiden‘!  When I asked them if it’s because Joe Biden supports open borders, they said yes.  I asked them if they like President Trump, they said,No, Trump es un puta. Biden now appoyan.That meansNo, Trump is a bitch. Biden supports us.Jaw-dropping ICE data: Only 834 Venezuelan nationals were deported in fiscal year 2023. According to US Border Patrol, nearly 340,000 Venezuelans were encountered in 2023. Venezuela is doing nothing to stop them from coming to the US and now more illegals are coming from Venezuela because Biden has prevented majority of them from being deported by redesignating Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans who arrived illegally before July 31, 2023.”

Fox News puts on a show like they are leading the way with their border coverage, but the reality is they are months behind the most pressing stories.

Charles Downs