Data Journalism Agency, also known as TEXTY, has published an enemies list that includes Laura Loomer, President Trump, David Sacks, Rep. Cory Mills, Rep. Jim Banks, Rep. Nancy Mace, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Mike Collins, Senator JD Vance, Senator Ted Cruz and Tulsi Gabbard. Making this enemies list even more concerning is that the Ukrainian web publication Data Journalism Agency is funded by the United States government, meaning Joe Biden is creating an enemies list comprised of his political opposition.

Laura Loomer posted Saturday, “WOW I have just been notified that the US government-affiliated Ukrainian web publication “Data Journalism Agency” (TEXTY) has listed me on their official “enemy list” The report attacks prominent American individuals and organizations that the Ukrainians view as “enemies” for not supporting calls to send more US money and weapons to Ukraine.”

Data Journalism Agency made a significant mistake by including Laura Loomer in their enemies list as by Saturday afternoon, she already had the organization’s funding and actors exposed in a post,Here’s the names and X accounts of the foreigners responsible for theenemy listcreated by Ukrainians whose agency received funding from the US government. You can see @gadzynska take credit for this @Textyorgua_Eng project in a Tweet I screenshotted and posted below.  @Textyorgua_Eng received funding from the US government. Now they have madeenemy listsof American citizens with our taxpayer $.Enemiesare people with political power and influence in the US who oppose sending more US tax money and weapons to Ukraine. Journalist: Inna Gadzynska @gadzynska Data Collection: Volodymyr Lytvynov, Serhii Mikhalkov, Mykhailo Tymoshenko Design: Nadja Kelm.”

Laura Loomer also informed David Sacks, Rep. Cory Mills, Rep. Jim Banks, Rep. Nancy Mace, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Mike Collins, Senator JD Vance, Senator Ted Cruz, and Tulsi Gabbard that they, too, were included in Data Journalism Agency’s enemies list. David Sacks responded to the news posting, ” I figured it was just a matter of time.”

Rep. Cory Mills responded to the news that he and Laura Loomer were on the Data Journalism Agency’s enemies list by posting that he would refuse to vote yes on sending more money to Ukraine until he receives more clarification on the enemies list.

Loomer responded to this news, “Thank you, Congressman @CoryMillsFL for your fight to be America First. The list contains the names of hundreds of politically influential American citizens, including members of the US Congress, US Senate, and even President Trump, who oppose sending more US taxpayer money to Ukraine.  The group that created the list @Textyorgua_Eng has received funding from the US government. This means the US government is funding foreign nationals who are targeting US citizens by creating POLITICAL HIT LISTS. Most of the people on the list are conservative and pro-Trump.”

United States House Speaker Mike Johnson is notably missing from the enemies list. Johnson has worked with the Uniparty to send billions of dollars in United States taxpayer aid to Ukraine. As Laura Loomer says, “money talks.”

The Uniparty is desperate to hold onto power. Joe Biden’s government funding of a Ukrianin Publication that creates an enemies list composed of Biden’s political rivals is yet another example proving all the Left values is total control.

Laura Loomer