President Trump drew a massive Sunday afternoon crowd in Las Vegas. Drawing a large crowd in Vegas on a hot Sunday afternoon is impressive. Add to the fact that Nevada is likely part of a handful of states that will decide November’s election, and it’s clear the MAGA movement is hotter than ever. During his speech, Trump talked about Biden’s weaponization of government against him, stating that Biden can’t “win” without cheating. Trump pointed out the hypocrisy that Biden’s Hamas rioters are allowed to degrade monuments outside of the White House while peaceful J6 protesters sit in jail cells. Trump also pledged to resecure America’s borders and no longer tax-tipped income, a significant victory for the restaurant industry. Sunday was another example of President Trump expanding his base while Biden hides in his basement.

Throughout his 2024 campaign, President Trump has built an impressive track record of drawing large crowds in high heat and freezing cold, a testament to his popularity. As thousands stood in 110-plus degree heat to see Trump speak, Sunday was no different from Trump’s previous campaign stops.

One of President Trump’s main talking points during his speech was Biden’s weaponization of government against him and his supporters, speaking on the hypocrisy that Biden’s Hamas voters can degrade monuments. At the same time, peaceful J6 prisoners sit in jail cells.

Laura Loomer captioned a clip of President Trump speaking about Biden’s weaponization, “Speaking at his rally in Las Vegas, Nevada today, President Trump referenced this video below filmed by @LoomerUnleashed, which shows radical Leftists vandalizing the Andrew Jackson monument next to the White House. We caught it all on video and now President Trump is calling it out. Trump will restore LAW AND ORDER once he gets re-elected. He will also FEDERALIZE DC so we can protect our monuments and our nation’s Capitol from lunatic leftists and Islamic terrorists who vote Democrat.”

President Trump also spoke on Biden’s open borders and the disastrous effects they are having on America’s safety and economy, “Virtually 100% of all net new jobs under Biden have gone to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, real wages for African American workers are down by almost 6% under Crooked Joe.”

Trump also unveiled a new policy pledge on Sunday, promising to eliminate federal taxes on tips earned by restaurant and hospitality workers. This pledge should make Trump’s Nevada poll numbers go even higher, as restaurant and hospitality is the industry that dominates the state.

One of the best moments of President Trump’s rally came when the crowd sang him happy birthday. President Trump’s birthday is on Flag Day, a very fitting date for a birthday for America’s best President.

President Trump spent his Sunday going into the elements to speak with voters from a key swing state while Biden hid. This is yet another example showing that Trump has what it takes to be POTUS, while Biden does not. This fact is becoming increasingly evident to Americans as Trump’s polling lead over Biden grows.

Charles Downs