They are back! The Left’s raging protesters made their return to Washington, D.C., on Saturday as thousands of angry leftists swarmed Lafayette Square, located right outside the White House, and degraded monuments to “Free Palestine.” In 2020, the Left’s rioters also met at Lafayette Square to “fight racism.” 2020’s mostly peaceful protest at Lafayette Square led to the burning of St. John’s Church and President Trump to enforce an executive order that enhanced penalties for those guilty of destroying America’s monuments. Saturday’s “events” at Lafayette Square were a much different scene as Biden’s DOJ gave the green light for the Left’s “activists” to degrade America’s historic monuments. Democrats are desperate to hang on to power. The Left unleashing their lawless rioters while leading witch hunts against President Trump and his supporters is an example of the Left’s desperation to “Stop Trump” in November.

In an example proving the Left has no policy besides “support the thing,” Loomer Unleashed captured a video of a pro-Hamas rioter using a pride flag along with “Free Palestine” propaganda to denigrate a monument outside of the White House. In reality, a pride flag would never be welcome in the streets of Gaza, but facts do not matter to Democrats as the only thing the Left cares about is rage.

Laura Loomer captioned the video, “LGBTQ and pro-Hamas protesters are celebrating pride month by vandalizing monuments in Lafayette Park right now in front of the White House. Pro-HAMAS protesters have taken over the park and the front of the White House and they have defaced all of the monuments in the park with graffiti that says “FREE GAZA” and red paint that says “FREE PALESTINE” They are covering the monuments in Palestinian and LGBTQ flags.”

Another video captured by Loomer Unleashed shows Hamas rioters attacking United States Park Police when they attempted to stop the rioters from degrading the monuments. The attacks against the USPP caused the officers to retreat from the “protest area.” Joe Biden and other top Democrats constantly spread false information about United States Capitol Police dying on J6. Biden and other top Democrats remaining silent when their voters attack law enforcement is just another example of the Left’s blatant hypocrisy.

Before the riots started, Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs made a video warning America that the crowd was becoming unruly. In the video, Downs says, “Look at this monument one more time because the Left will probably degrade it soon.”

An hour or so after Downs shared his video, he captured another video of Hamas rioters degrading the very same monument Downs warned was about to be degraded.

The Left’s rioters had no worries about facing consequences for their actions, as video shows Hamas supporters taking video of their “work” after they degraded the monument.

The Biden White House understands that they need the Muslim-dominated areas of Michigan to vote Democrat for them to win in November. That is why the Left’s “protesters” have embraced the “Free Palestine” movement. It’s disgusting that Biden is willing to sacrifice America’s national security in an attempt to grasp power.

Charles Downs