Considering the Left’s obsession with attacking President Trump, it is pretty hypocritical that leftists can’t handle justified criticism about their actions. Following their vile attacks on President Trump, George and Claudia Conway threw temper tantrums on X and cried to the mainstream media following justified criticism the Conway family received in response to their attacks on MAGA. Newsweek ran a headline, “George Conway Slams ‘Vile’ Attacks on His Daughter.” The article calls Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer a “conspiracy theorist” because Loomer responded to George and Claudia’s attacks on President Trump by pointing out the Conway family’s shortcomings, which includes Claudia’s former job with Playboy, where she charged $5 a month for an OnlyFans like subscription package. The Conway family proves yet again that Trump’s haters love to attack MAGA but are unable to handle justified criticism that comes their way.

The Conway family brought all this attention onto themselves when Claudia first quoted her mom Kellyanne’s tweet, writing that her mom forgot to add “felon” in her post about President Trump.


Laura Loomer responded to Claudia’s criticism of Trump by justifiably stating that Claudia sold OnlyFans-like subscriptions for PlayBoy, so she has little room for an opinion. This triggered Claudia, who wrote, “@LauraLoomer, get a hobby. All love.”

Loomer responded, “Respectable women don’t sexualize themselves online for $5 a month. You grew up in a house with 2 very rich and politically connected parents, and yet you came out extremely dysfunctional and damaged. At 19 years old, you could have done whatever you wanted to do, and you instead have chosen to take your clothes off online and post attacks on Donald Trump in an effort to get attention from your slovenly father who allowed his hatred of Trump to ruin his marriage from your mother, Kellyanne Conway.”

Laura Loomer’s justified attacks on Claudia angered George Conway to the point where he ran to Newsweek. The media company then ran an article, “George Conway Slams’ Vile’ Attacks on His Daughter.” One of the most hypocritical points in the article came when George Conway quoted a post from Victoria Brownworth where she stated Laura Loomer “sexually harasses young women.” Brownworth’s claims are ironic, considering Loomer and Claudia are much closer in age range than Brownworth and Loomer. Also, Claudia was the one selling sexualized content on the internet.

Kellyanne Conway also defended her Trump-hating husband and daughter by writing a subtweet about Laura Loomer, who then responded with, “Kellyanne Conway thinks her daughter, who sells sexual images of herself online for $5 a month is “brilliant”. Her daughter just called Donald Trump a “convicted felon” and said she’s been praying for him to go to jail since she was 14 years old. Why is Kellyanne getting paid over $20,000 a month by the RNC when she can’t even keep her own house in order? She was paid $30,000 by the RNC in April.”

In another response, Loomer wrote,George Conway @gtconway3d is a failed father. If only he loved his daughter as much as he loves attacking President Trump. Shame on @KellyannePolls for defending her trashy daughter too. Keep this trailer trash Jerry Springer behavior away from Donald Trump.”

Despite all the criticism, George Conway was back to attacking President Trump on Wednesday, asking where Trump’s ankle bracelet was, Loomer responded,Donald Trump’s daughters aren’t taking their clothes off for $5 a month @gtconway3d. Your daughter is, George.  You failed as a father.”

The Conway family’s actions prove yet again that Trump haters can’t handle criticism when it comes their way.

Laura Loomer