The Biden White House’s Iranian policies make Obama’s decisions regarding the country look sane, and that is stating a lot. In May, Congressional Documents from the United States House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee revealed that Joe Biden’s envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, had his security clearance revoked because he was under investigation for sharing America’s secrets with Iranian intelligence. Malley is not the only Iranian disaster in which the Biden White House has been complicit. Biden’s speech last week urging a cease-fire was viewed by many as pandering to Iran back Hamas. This is as the Biden DOJ has allowed cease-fire now “mostly peaceful protests” to spread like wildfire across America. Iran-backed Hamas was able to obtain the resources to attack Israel after Biden’s White House gave Iran billions of dollars. All of this leads to one massive question: are Democrats sacrificing America’s National Security to “win” votes in Muslim-dominated areas of Michigan and Minnesota?

The United States House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee wrote a joint letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken requesting information about the investigation into Robert Malley, The Biden White House’s special envoy to Iran, who is credibly accused of sharing America’s secrets with Iranian intelligence.



Laura Loomer shared the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Letter with a caption reading, “Robert Malley transferred over a dozen classified documents to his personal devices and personal email system. These documents included detailed minutes and notes from his meetings with Iranian officials and the US government’s strategy and response to the political protests that erupted in Iran in the fall of 2022. Despite the claim that Iran hacked into Malley’s personal devices, the cyber evidence suggests that Malley could be an Iranian agent and that he deliberately placed the classified content there and informed his Iranian handlers about his actions. Several of these classified documents and diplomatic strategies appeared in Iranian state media during the spring and summer of 2023. Malley lied to the FBI about downloading the sensitive and classified documents and storing it on his unsecured device and private email. Why isn’t Robert Malley in PRISON? I thought Joe Biden said ‘nobody is above the law!'”

Last week, Joe Biden gave a speech calling for a cease-fire. Many in the Middle East believe Biden’s speech emboldened Iran-backed Hamas. Laura Loomer quoted a post from N12 Israel news ‘Translation from Hebrew: “An Israeli official responds to Biden: “A weak speech – a victory for Hamas. He does not understand the reality here’ Biden loves HAMAS. His speech will energize Iranian proxy sleeper cells that are living here in the US… We might even see an attack.”

Iran-backed Hamas was able to gain the resources to attack Israel after the Biden White House gave Iran billions of dollars. The Biden White House’s policies in the Middle East have been so absurd one can argue that they must be intentional. The Left understands they have no chance in November if the Muslim-dominated communities of Michigan and Minnesota do not come out and vote for Biden.

The facts regarding Biden’s Iran policy point to the disturbing conclusion that the Left is sacrificing America’s National security to “win in November.” This is yet another reason why Americans must vote for President Trump.

Charles Downs