Intense pressure is building on House Committee Ranking Member James Comer to subpoena Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, over her firm, Authentic Campaigns, which works with top Democrats. On Tuesday, Ranking Member Comer denied to Loomer Unleashed that he was blocking a subpoena that was to be issued to Loren Merchan. After our conversation, Rep. Comer seemed aware that the pressure was mounting on him to come through with the subpoena for Loren Merchan. If Comer fails to deliver, maybe House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan can pick up the mantel and issue the subpoena. It is vital that someone within the House GOP Membership issue Loren Merchan’s subpoena, considering her firm, Authentic Campaigns, has received millions from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. Another Authentic Campaigns client, New York Rep. Dan Goldman, informed MSNBC that he “consulted” with Michael Cohen before he testified in President Trump’s trial. Goldman recently ran like a coward when Loomer Unleashed asked him about Judge Merchan’s conflicts of interest. Democrats have transformed the U.S. Congress into a lawless mess. The first House GOP Member who volunteers to clean up this mess via issuing a subpoena to Loren Merchan will be viewed as a hero by 74 million plus Americans.

We first asked Rep.Comer why he had not subpoenaed Loren Merchan. Following his refusal to answer, we asked him if reports that he was blocking subpoenas for Loren Merchan were accurate. Comer responded by saying,100 percent a lie.

We followed up,Just confirming, you are saying reports that you are blocking subpoenas for Loren Merchan are a 100 percent lie?”

Comer,They are a 100% lie.”

Laura Loomer captioned the video,@JamesComer CONFRONTED by @LoomerUnleashed on Capitol Hill today over his refusal to send Loren Merchan a subpoena. After I confirmed last week that @RepJamesComer is BLOCKING efforts to subpoena Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter Loren Merchan, Loomer Unleashed confronted Comer on Capitol Hill today and asked him why he’s not sending a subpoena to Loren Merchan and if reports that he’s blocking it are true. Comer was visibly agitated and saidthat is 100% a lie”. Congressman, if it’s a lie, why don’t you prove it to the country and to President Trump and send the subpoena to Loren Merchan? The ball is now in your court buddy, now that you’re officially on the record. Checkmate. @TheCharlesDowns.”

If Comer will not issue the subpoena, someone within the House GOP Membership better issue it, considering that FEC Records show that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has sent $1.5 million to Authentic Campaigns. The FEC’s Schedule B shows Jeffries mailed the money to Loren Merchan’s home in Richmond, Virginia.


However, New York Rep. Dan Goldman is the most conflicted Authentic Campaign Client. Goldman, whose campaign sends personal checks to Loren Merchan’s Richmond home, informed MSNBC that he “consulted” with Michael Cohen before his testimony in President Trump’s trial. Rep. Goldman started faking a phone call as Loomer Unleashed recently asked him about this, with Goldman’s staffer repeating the lie, “I am sorry, he is on the phone.”

Loomer Unleashed responded,” Oh come on, he advised Michael Cohen in a trial, and he is with Authentic Campaigns. These are important questions. I do not really think he is on the phone, I think he is trying to avoid a question about being Loren Merchan’s client and he advised Michael Cohen and that is very bad for him.”

The Left has transformed Congress into a lawless mess. The first House GOP Member brave enough to step forward and clean up the filth, starting with a subpoena to Loren Merchan, will be viewed as a hero by 74 million Americans.

Charles Downs