J6 Committee Man Jamie Raskin went on a deranged rant Monday after Loomer Unleashed asked the Maryland Congressman about the J6 Committee deleting their communications and his pledge to introduce legislation in Congress to kick President Trump off the ballot. At his press conference following his “conviction,” President Trump spoke about the Left’s pattern of hiding or deleting evidence that exonerates him. Trump used the J6 Committee deleting their communications as an example. This is not the first time Rep. Raskin has given a deranged response to our question about the J6 Committee’s deleted communications, as he once called for Loomer Unleashed to be “deprogrammed.” Raskin’s actions Monday are yet another example of top Democrats running or lying after being asked about their “Get Trump” schemes.

We greeted Raskin, saying, “President Trump spoke about the J6 Committee deleting their communications. You say you guys did not do that, but he says you did in order to hide exculpatory evidence. Do you want to comment on that”

After ignoring the question, we asked Raskin the same question, this time intentionally mispronouncing exculpatory, hoping to get a reaction out of him. It worked as Raskin pointed out that exculpatory was said incorrectly.

Loomer Unleashed responded, “Oh, I was one letter off. People who harp on things like being one letter off don’t have the facts on their side because you would respond with a factual answer instead of nitpicking my words, you know.”

Raskin: ” You better get back to work.”

Loomer Unleashed: “My work is figuring out where these deleted communications went, Congressman. Where did they go?”

Raskin, ” How do you feel about violent insurrection and beating up cops?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Isn’t that a lie? You guys made that up. Police officers really did not die on J6. Why do you guys lie so much? Do you care to comment?”

Raskin’s staffer then attempted to interrupt our conversation. We responded, saying, ” This is a public sidewalk outside the Capitol. Come on. Also, one more question: This guy [Raskin] is also trying to kick President Trump off the ballot. You guys [the Left] are talking about ‘saving democracy,’ but you are trying to kick Trump off the ballot, hiding evidence, not wanting to talk on public sidewalks. What’s up with that?”

Raskin’s staffer responded, “Thank you for your time.” We said, ” I don’t think you are thankful for me asking you questions. Just answer one question: what happened to the J6 deleted communications?”

Laura Loomer captioned the video,Today, @LoomerUnleashed caught up with Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin @jamie_raskin for the 5th time as he was headed to Dr. Fauci’s testimony before Congress. We asked Ratskin for the 5th time where the J6 committee’s deleted communications are, and why they deleted their communications in the first place. We have now asked Jamie Raskin this question 5 TIMES. He never wants to answer because he knows he’s guilty.  Ratskin is really triggered by this question because he knows the J6 committee deleted their communications because the communications would exonerate President Trump from the false claims that he instigated aviolent insurrectionon January 6th, 2021!”

At his press conference following his “guilty verdict.” President Trump spoke about the J6 Committee deleting evidence that would exonerate him. Trump spoke about this to drive home the larger point that the Left is never honest with the American people about their “Get Trump” scams.

Jamie Raskin’s actions of running or lying when asked about his “Get Trump” scams mimic that of his other top Democrat colleagues. The Left will never answer for their “Get Trump” witch hunts because the Left knows falsehoods create their scams.

Charles Downs