Elected Democrats’ disdain for President Trump and his voters was on full display Wednesday. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced that he preemptively declared a “State of Emergency” from July 15th to 18th due to the RNC Convention being held in Milwaukee. Evers’ State of Emergency declaration reads that the United States Department of Homeland Security declared the RNC Convention a “National Special Security Event.” Without proof or reasoning, Evers’ State of Emergency reads that the RNC Convention is a “threat of disaster and security interests are at hand.” Another interesting part of Evers’ emergency declaration is that it gives specific instructions to police not to impede “peaceful protesters.” This implies that Evers intends to give ANTIFA free rein to “protest” the RNC Convention. Evers’ hypocrisy on this subject is quite resounding, as in 2020, Evers allowed 24 hours of ANTIFA-BLM rioting in Kenosha before declaring a State of Emergency. Evers’ actions prove that Joe Biden’s America has two sets of rules for Democrats and Trump supporters.

Without providing reasons or facts, Governor Evers’ “State of Emergency” declaration for the RNC Convention states that thousands of Trump supporters gathering in Milwaukee pose a security threat. The document reads, ” Given the nature of the event, there is a threat of disaster and security interests at hand.”

Evers’ emergency declaration also clearly instructs law enforcement not to impede “peaceful protesters,” with the section reading, “The Wisconsin National Guard may not be used to impede the ability of people to peacefully protest.”

Governor Evers is essentially giving ANTFIA the nod to cause havoc at the RNC Convention.

Evers’ hypocrisy on the state of emergency issue is glaring. In 2020, as ANTIFA-BLM burned Kenosha to the ground, Evers waited 24 hours after the riots started to declare an emergency. Evers’ Emergency Declaration on Kenosha even attributes this fact, “Tony Evers today signed Executive Order #86 declaring a state of emergency following protests in communities across Wisconsin. Executive Order #86 proclaims a state of emergency in Wisconsin, directs state agencies to continue assisting the state response, and calls to state active duty additional elements of the Wisconsin National Guard to support first responders and protect critical infrastructure and cultural institutions. The state of emergency declaration comes as earlier today Gov. Evers released a statement regarding protests in Wisconsin last night.”

Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer posted on these developments, “The Democrats in Wisconsin won’t declare a “state of emergency” when BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorists and HAMAS loving college students terrorize Wisconsin, but they have been preparing for months according to a new, quietly released report, that says the Emergency Declaration to announce the state of Emergency has been “long in the works”. How is an emergency “long in the works”? Aren’t emergencies supposed to be random? You cannot foresee an emergency unless you have something to do with it.”

She continued, “This is extremely charged language as well. They are saying these orders are used “when a disaster strikes”. Is Governor Tony Evers trying to say that Donald Trump is a “disaster”? This is so inappropriate on so many levels. It’s election interference and a form of political suppression to deter the public from showing up to the convention and to deter people from voting Republican in Wisconsin.”

Tony Evers is the latest example clarifying that there are two sets of rules in Joe Biden’s America: one for Democrats and one for Trump supporters.

Laura Loomer