The House GOP missed a golden opportunity to subpoena Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, over her firm, Authentic Campaigns, which received millions in payments from Joe Biden, Hakeem Jeffries, and other top Democrats. Laura Loomer was the first to report this. Authentic Campaigns offers digital services. During Trump’s trial, Authentic Campaigns client, New Jersey Rep Mikie Sherril, told President Trump to “go back to court” following Trump’s New Jersey rally. Following President Trump’s Bronx rally, Authentic Campaigns client Hakeem Jeffries used similar “go back” language when criticizing Trump’s rally. Then, who can forget Authentic Campaigns client, New York Rep. Dan Goldman, who informed MSNBC that he “consulted” with Michael Cohen before his testimony in President Trump’s trial. Goldman ran scared from Loomer Unleashed after we recently asked him about this. The American people are entitled to answers about Judge Merchan’s conflicts of interest. It’s a shame the House GOP let them down.

Loomer posted to X,Thank you to all of the @HouseGOP members who did nothing to advance an investigation into Judge Merchan, his daughter Loren, and her company Authentic Campaigns You all should be so proud of yourselves for being lazy, inept, conniving losers who are going to be the reason why the GOP likely loses the House in 2024 because most of you don’t know how to play offense. Thank you for ruining our country and abandoning Donald Trump and screwing us all over. What would we ever do without you.”

It would have been wise for the House GOP to subpoena Loren Merchan, as many of their Democrat colleagues were paying massive amounts of money to Authentic Campaigns. Fec Records show that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has sent $1.5 million to Authentic Campaigns. The FEC’s Schedule B shows Jeffries mailed the money to Loren Merchan’s home in Richmond, Virginia.


Then there is Authentic Campaigns Client, New Jersey Rep. Mikie Sherrill, who, like Jeffries, used similar “go back” language when criticizing President Trump’s rallies. FEC records show that over the last nine months, Mikie Sherrill has paid Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company, Authentic Campaigns, over $216,793.98.


Loren Merchan’s Authentic Campaigns website describes the firm’s work as “a comprehensive provider, we pride ourselves on being your ultimate destination for all things digital. With a proven track record of collaborating with numerous partners, we bring a wealth of experience in digital execution and general consulting to the table.” 

Below this quote, Authentic Campaigns lists “general consulting” for social media as one of its “services.” This makes it highly likely that Loren Merchan is writing social media attack posts on Trump, off the trial that her father presides over, taking Judge Merchan’s conflict of interest to a new level. 

However, New York Rep. Dan Goldman is the most conflicted Authentic Campaign Client. Goldman, whose campaign sends personal checks to Loren Merchan’s Richmond home, informed MSNBC that he “consulted” with Michael Cohen before his testimony in President Trump’s trial. Rep. Goldman started faking a phone call as Loomer Unleashed recently asked him about this, with Goldman’s staffer repeating the lie, “I am sorry, he is on the phone.”

Loomer Unleashed responded,” Oh come on, he advised Michael Cohen in a trial, and he is with Authentic Campaigns. These are important questions. I do not really think he is on the phone, I think he is trying to avoid a question about being Loren Merchan’s client and he advised Michael Cohen and that is very bad for him.”

The American people are entitled to hear directly from Loren Merchan, as Judge Merchan’s conflicts of interest directly impact the upcoming election. It’s a shame the House GOP failed to subpoena Loren Merchan during President Trump’s trial.

Laura Loomer