President Trump’s Saturday speech to the Libertarian Convention in D.C. was a historic political event that all in attendance will never experience again. Supporters of President Trump and Libertarians open to Trump befriended each other as they waited in line and eventually took their seats to see the President. This angered RFK JR and the anti-Trump faction of the Libertarian Party. Loomer Unleashed captured an exclusive video as Trump supporters sitting in seats that were never marked as reserved were being told to give up their seats by Libertarian Party Chairwoman Angela McArdle. The seats were then filled with pro-RFK JR and anti-Trump factions of the Libertarian Party. Loomer Unleashed has covered extensively RFK JR’s quest to create a contingent election, which occurs when no presidential candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, meaning the U.S. House votes for President. The Libertarian Party’s nomination of Chase Oliver further helps RFK JR march towards his contingent election goal. We did, however, witness a lot of Libertarians open to President Trump following his speech, centered around ending weaponized government. Libertarians now must choose between “getting their 3%” or joining Trump’s cause for true liberty.

Trump supporters and pro-Trump Libertarians mingled for hours after taking their seats to see President Trump speak on Saturday. This fact enraged pro-RFK JR and anti-Trump Libertarian factions, who began removing Trump supporters from their seats just before the President’s speech. Their efforts received help from Libertarian Party Chairwoman Angela McArdle. The seats that Trump supporters were being removed from were never marked as “reserved” before McArdle’s last-second announcement.

Loomer captioned the video portraying these dramatic events, “They are literally trying to force Trump supporters who waited in line to give up their seats to  @RobertKennedyJr supporters who are planning on ambushing Donald Trump as he speaks.  @LoomerUnleashed correspondent @thecharlesdowns is being threatened with physical removal from the convention for being a Trump supporter with a seat in the front row.”

As President Trump spoke, the middle and back row, which consisted of a 50-50 mix of Trump supporters and Trump-supporting Libertarians, cheered with approval as Trump promised to end weaponized government.

Our exposure of RFK JR’s plot to make President Trump “look bad” angered RFK’s American Values PAC, who, without presenting any evidence, accused Loomer Unleashed of “not practicing real journalism.”

Loomer fired back, ” I work extremely hard as an independent journalist. You should know that I sent my DC Correspondent @TheCharlesDowns to the Libertarian Convention, where he captured video footage of your supporters disrupting the event and bullying Trump supporters into giving up their seats to RFK Jr supporters. Just admit you don’t actually value free speech. My video has over 1 million views. And I know for a fact that President Donald Trump, you know, the guy who is destroying your candidate @RobertKennedyJr, saw my videos from the convention, and he saw my reports like he does everyday.  So, maybe you should be more respectful, as opposed to accusing me of not practicing real journalism when I break more political stories than anyone every single week.”

Our exposure of RFK JR’s plot to make Trump “look bad” also angered Angela McArdle, who attacked Loomer using deranged lies. Loomer responded, “Guess what? I’d rather be ugly than be a Libertarian. Because you can always look better, but you can’t ever recover from being a retard. Also, I don’t need your approval to be taken seriously. I have yet to see you condemn the calls for the assassination of Donald Trump that took place at your convention.”

McArdle and American Values PAC’s anger towards Loomer Unleashed stems from our reporting exposing that RFK JR and the third-party candidates’ end goal is to create a contingent election, which occurs when neither candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, meaning the U.S. House votes for President. That is why “Stop 270” was proudly displayed across countless locations during the Libertarian Convention.

Libertarian voters now have an important choice to make: Will they continue getting their 3% and help Biden achieve victory, or will they join President Trump’s cause of true liberty, ensuring a Trump victory in November?

Charles Downs