New polling from the critical state of Nevada shows that GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown is trailing his Democrat opponent, Jacky Rosen, by 10 points, while the same poll shows that President Trump is beating Biden in the state by 8 points. It should be no shock that 18 points separate Brown and Trump despite their potential to be on the same ticket. Brown is the pick of Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell’s Blue Grass Committee PAC has donated directly to Brown. During the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary, Brown failed to endorse President Trump numerous times, even failing to endorse Trump following Biden’s indictments against him. The vital swing state of Nevada is the latest example to prove that the American people support President Trump, not swampy D.C. politicians.

Polling taken on May 21st shows President Trump leading Biden in Nevada by 8 points, while the same poll shows GOP Senate Candidate Sam Brown is trailing his potential Democrat opponent Jacky Rosen by 10 points. 

It should not be surprising that an 18-point margin separates President Trump and Brown as Brown is Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate. FEC records show that on December 22, 2023, McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee donated $5,000 to Sam Brown for Nevada.  McConnell also hosted a fundraiser for Brown in D.C. during December of 2023.

In the summer of 2023, Brown clarified to Nevada GOP voters that he was McConnell’s friend, not President Trump’s. On August 25th, 2023, the day after President Trump was arrested and had his mug shot taken in Fulton County, Georgia, Brown informed Punchbowl News that he would not endorse Trump. Punchbowl reported, “Brown is being exceptionally cautious when it comes to Trump. He declined to say whether he’s comfortable with sharing the GOP ticket with Trump in Nevada, which will be competitive once again at the presidential level as well.”

In October 2023, Brown again declined to endorse Trump, with the NBC News report reading, “In Nevada, retired Army Capt. Sam Brown, who lost a Senate primary last year against a Trump-backed candidate, also has declined to endorse Trump. Two of Brown’s 2024 primary rivals — former Trump ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter — has emphasized their endorsement of Trump.”

Nevada GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Jeff Gunter posted on Sam Brown’s collapsing numbers and President Trump’s rising poll numbers in his state, “Just like I told you, Scam Brown is collapsing in Nevada He’s dragging down the entire ticket And his Yucca stance is a deal-breaker for Nevada voters.”

Gunter also wrote, “Absolutely huge momentum for our campaign as Scam Brown COLLAPSES From Top Trump Pollster John McLaughlin: ‘Although Sam Brown may have had a head start, his lead is rapidly collapsing as voters learn that Jeff Gunter is the true Trump America First candidate in the Nevada Republican Senate primary. Furthermore, Sam Brown’s lead will be nuked when the voters learn that Sam Brown opposes President Trump and Jeff Gunter who want to block the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plant. Finally, President Trump’s endorsement of Jeff Gunter would assure Jeff Gunter of winning the Nevada Republican primary for US Senate.’”

The critical swing state of Nevada drives home the point that voters want to support people like President Trump and not swampy D.C. politicians like Sam Brown.

Charles Downs